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  1. Looks perfect, I've never heard of O&W but make up some historical waffle about it and tell me how it will turn me into a war hero, astronaut or deep sea diver and ill give you £2k for it!
  2. Ive never looked at these, just had a squint on their website. I had myself looking at the 'inspired' by the marines video clip etc. Its all marketing like them all, this hobby is like a drug, we immerse ourselves in the heritage, and nostalgia and then find another watch we 'need'! I used to work in the Whisky industry they are the worse, I shouldn't fall for this stuff but I cant help it. Made I just need a humble good quality watch like a SINN.
  3. This actually is a big turn off. I like Tudor because of the quality of the watches they make and its a very relevant comment WRENCH about the endorsement fees adding to the cost. Maybe Tudor has become to current and trendy for me at the moment. Ball is my other lust but I think caution on the initial spend is important there as they wont hold their value as well I wouldn't think.
  4. Ive been into watches and clocks for about 20 years. I do some basic repairs, case refinishing, crystal replacement etc for friends and family and have built up a collection of just over 30 watches. If we forget about sentimental value the highlights of my collection are: Seiko Alpinist - CWC SBS Tritium - Glycine Combat Sub - Hamilton Khaki Mechanical - Yema Superman - RADO Hyperchrome. The RADO was the dearest watch I've ever purchased at £600 from Jomashop. Always fancied the Tudor Black Bay 36 but at £2k Im thinking can it be 4 times better than anything else I have
  5. John D, not sure of etiquette on here im relatively new but would it be rude of me to ask how much you were charged? If you are willing to share can you advise what you paid for ie service only or was there repairs, new parts, case refinishing etc. Thanks
  6. I see a couple of watches I like, Citizen promaster diver eco drive and one of the Seiko Recrafts I dont have on Zadodeal.com for very good prices but ive been stung before when buying a Casio Duro from a site that looked genuine. Anyone used the site and got what they paid for? Thanks
  7. JoT yes your definitely correct on the service front. I think it could quite easily have never been serviced. I note your points on pinion slipping etc though thanks. This is probably on another thread im sure but where do I start regarding servicing? I dont want to just look through the yellow pages and guess so to speak. Ive emailed some of the watchmakers who show watch services on you tube channels etc but no reply. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a Telda chronograph (similiar to link) left to me from my father, think it may have been my grand fathers. I have found limited pics on the net when looking before and believe Telda to be a small swiss company that doesnt exist any more like many. I was left a few watches in terrible condition which I have restored but this Telda appears the only one that was looked after so I have never touched it. I occasionally wind it up and let the chronograph and time run for a couple of days till it stops. My theory being it will keep the chronograph complication working as wel
  9. I have been given my parents table clock which I think is around 40 years old. Its very similar to the one in the link below. It has a makers mark that looks like 'Deju' on the dial which I cant find anything about? The clock has a Hermle ' FHS' 130-020 floating balance movement. It didn't work, hence I was given it! I work on watches on an amateur/fun basis so have a little knowledge. Ive dismantled the clock and cleaned the movement as a whole, I didnt tear down the movement. I have reoiled it and it works and chimes and is astonishingly accurate. Its temperamental to g
  10. Sorry to reseruct a post thats 10 years old! I have a Timex 1970s I think from my late father. It wouldnt wind up, or so I thought. I have dismantled it and the spring wizzed off so it must have been fully wound but stuck. Ive got the escapement side back together but struggling with the other face side of the movement. The first post 'mel' left a link to the TImex service manuals but I just get a blank page when I click it. Can someone put up a fresh link please? Much appreciated.
  11. I am interested in a Tudor black bay 36 mm. I'm talking about the Rolex Explorer type or in my normal price range Seiko sarb 033. I've noticed on Jomashop there appears to be an option for the Tudor where the crown sits right next to the case or the more familiar aluminium spacer where the crown noticibly sits away from the watch case. Is this old and new stock? I am also confused by the Heritage word. Are they all Black Bay 36mm Heritage or is the Heritage a different model? Thanks
  12. £200 from Goldsmiths, well Santa really but im sure he got it there. Strap is from a maker in Ukraine off Etsy the most comfortable Ive ever worn. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186173617@N03/49304057418/in/dateposted-public/
  13. I dropped one into my Jomashop basket for the wife before christmas for buttons, think it was about $60! Seems well made and finished and the strap is of good quality. Nice fun design story. Ive noticed this year specifically that a lot of the Swatch group lower to middle tier watches have been very heavily discounted, Certina, Tissot, RADO etc. I'd be careful you dont pay over the odds or near RRP.
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