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  1. Ive only found it, and theres another 20% off so £95. Ordered. Its your fault not mine, you will have to explain to my wife.
  2. are these available on sale somewhere then?
  3. Before you buy a thing I would start a virtual watch box. Plan what your collection might look like in 10 years. Print off pictures and lay them out and keep it on your side board. Decide the genres, Diver, Dress, Field, Skeleton, Digital, etc etc. Decide the genres you dont like. If watches are available in different sizes again print them off at size and see what you think. Do as much as possible on paper. Price them, do a spread sheet, total it up, add extra straps, tools, a nice watch box etc. Once youve blown thousands of several pounds have a think. Are you ok with that? It depends on the person and you shoud know what you are like, are you carefull, spontaneous, do you have fads. And take caution from your own self assessment. Once you get on the train its difficult to get off!
  4. I am a bargain hunter and I admit where I dont have real specific requirements I have bought a lot of my watches on cost. I might have decided the watch I wanted but if my second choice colour had a super deal I would have went with it as I couldnt justify over paying simply for a colour. The majority of my watches I have bought online as even back in the day I bought a CWC watch via mail order! So I am used to buying by looking at magazines, and obviously nowadays online pics, videos, forums etc. I did however make a visit to a Chisholm Hunter shop last weekend to look at a Tudor BB36 as per my other thread (this is not a plug for CH as a shop although the sales woman was very good, equally their initial door greet person was a total arse!). Obviously most watches in this shop and many others are at full retail and I could look at most prices and know I could buy the same watch online in many cases 30% cheaper. But what I was stunned at was how different many watches were in real life compared to online and how quickly some I had on my wish list where removed. I dont really like shopping probably because I know online is so much cheaper and I will rarely buy from a shop for certain items but this trip really did open up my eyes. If you are after a specific watch you can obviously buy online and return if you dont like it but if you have several on a short list Id highly recommend taking the bus into town so to speak if like me you have become an arm chair shopper. Also if your buying something expensive, return insured postage for a £3k Tudor could be quite considerable! Cheers
  5. I visited my local Chisholm Hunter shop on the weekend to look at the 36mm SandG which has been heavily discounted lately. I wear many vintage watches and new Smiths of the smaller size but was surprised how feminine the SandG looked probably due mostly to the Jubilee bracelet. The store had the standard 41mm BB with Black face which I also tried and thought was too big. They didnt have a standard 36mm stainless BB and when I asked if they could get one in I was told they could only order in for a sale not for trial as it was being 'phased out'. The sales girl couldnt tell me any more but that was her directive. I dont think she was fibbing either or this was any sort of commit to sale type marketing ploy. She was extremly knowlegable, non pushy and perfectly happy for me to walk away. So given the BB36 is such a popular watch Im wondering if there is something in it. I have asked online a couple of stores who are heavily discounting the SandG if they could offer a better price on the BB36 Steel and was told by both companys the SandG is a very poor seller and hence the big discounts. But from watch enthusiasts anyway the BB36 Steel I thought was an extremely popular model. I wonder if a twist on Rolex stopping the OP 39mm and offering a 36mm and 41mm. If Tudor is now going to bin the 36mm and 41mm and offer a 39mm. Any ideas?
  6. Its just a authenticity sticker. That pic is just one I pulled off the net of the watch I have. Many watches have that type of sticker on. Its a hologram sticker that you peel off once your happy to keep the watch. Thanks Thanks for this. How have you determined it? I cant find this number on Cousins, ebay etc so not sure if I can but it.
  7. So ive been very careless! Ive never worn my RADO Hyperchrome watch since I bought it about 2 years ago. I decided to wear it the other night at home while watching TV and after an hour found it too tight so decided to put the half link back in. I didnt realise that the bracelet pin pushing tool I have has different Push pin diameters! I thought it came with spare pins incase they were damaged. So I set the watch up to push the pin out and have swaged open the hole in one end of a bracelet link. You cant see it on the outside but can see a slight ripple on the inside of the link. Now if this was a normal link I could just use one of the spares but no that would have been too easy. The one Ive deformed is the U shaped last link before the butterfly clasp. It makes no effect to the watch, you can only really see it under mag but its bugging me as im very OCD fussy (pity I wasnt fussy doing diameter checks before I did this! lesson learned). The watch is a RADO Hyperchrome R32979112. Can I buy individual bracelet components? I see Cousins list RADO tech sheets but trying to find the bracelet number let a lone the individual component number I am after isnt very easy. Ive read RADO dont supply spares to individual customers and there is no way I will pay service centre prices for what they might tell me needs a bracelet replacement. I only paid £580 for the watch from Jomashop in 2019. Thanks
  8. That did make me near spit my coffee out
  9. Rolex have probably done this because being steriotypical, Pink is for girls. 36mm is the new unisex size. Men into vintage and smaller will wear 36mm. Many woman are moving up to 36mm to break the mould of Im a woman I need to wear a dainty silly little time piece I cant see. The reality though smaller wristed people are far less likely to go for the 41mm watch. If your a manufacturer your far more likely then to be struggling to sell 41mm pink than 36mm pink ( I know Rolex wont struggle to sell!). I have 7.5" wrist and was recently in an AD and they let me try on a green dial 41mm. As soon as I took it in my hand I said thats far to big for such a classic piece. My wife said the same. Everyone clearly has their own opinion but for me it depends how many Rolex watches you have. For me I dont have one but want one. I would buy the silver in 36mm, its a classic watch that would look amazing forever. I could only imagine someone buying one of these 'love heart refresher sweetie' coloured dials in 41mm if they have more money than sense and could afford to have a Rolex for fun in the same way as I have a 50mm TW Steel watch for a laugh that cost £70 that my kids call 'the clock'. Personally I think these new colours look very cheap. The Tiffany blue chaos also now driven by the Patek Nautalis going for 6.5 million dollars is just allowing very rich people to have a laugh, which they are very entlitled to do. But as I say this is in the same way as I might buy some wild coloured shorts for summer. The Patek is a flop in my mind aswell as they came out with their tiffany blue after Rolex did the OP. Thats like Rolls Royce following something Mercedes has done. Not very original. Imagine if youd got a Tiffany Blue OP for retail! I think they will go through the roof now. The highest I have seen an asking price is 19000 euros so far. I think these playfull colours are no different to someone buying a Rolls Royce in Tango orange. Is there anything wrong with that? No probably not if thats what someone wants but it kind of cheapens the brand in my mind. Its a bit like the Queen turning up in a shell suit. These one off wild designs for say the sulten of brunei etc are funny and a talking point but for us but for someone like Rolex to make a new range of such a classic item like the OP in these colours I think is a stupid move. When I look at the picture of all the 'colours' collection of the Rolex OPs together I just think they look sh*t.
  10. Its the thickness and shape of the screwdriver blade that is the problem. If you take a standard screwdriver, the correct width of the bracelet pin slot. you will find the screwdriver blade thickness is a lot thinner than the bracelet pin slot width. A standard screwdriver is also tapered/wedge shaped. This mismatch between bracelet pin slot and screwdriver tip means the screw driver tip can twist within the bracelet pin slot causing damage.
  11. Hello, I initially took one link out of my Tudor BB diver using my standard Cousins watch screwdriver set. It worked ok and didnt require a huge amount of torque but I did notice the screwdriver blade is a lot thiner than the bracelet pin slot. I thought to myself if I have to do that again ill get a better fitting tool. Its not the BB58 I have its the original big chunky one if that makes a difference. I find the square edge of the bracelet clasp digs in my wrist and I am going to move the odd link (as id only removed one) to the other side of the clasp to see if that helps. Ive looked online and there seems to be people offering normal screwdrivers like I have or 'Rolex' bracelet tools at silly money. Can anyone offer a specific tool, manufacturer, model etc that they have used for this bracelet and can vouch for? I know I am looking for a 90° blade as opposed to a tapered screw driver but want an exact model recomendation if possible. Id be happy to just buy the blade and use one of my own handles aswell. I really dont think this needs to be something thats costs he earth. Thanks
  12. A Veblen good is a type of luxury good for which the demand for a good increases as the price increases, in apparent (but not actual) contradiction of the law of demand, resulting in an upward-sloping demand curve. The higher prices of Veblen goods may make them desirable as a status symbol in the practices of conspicuous consumption and conspicuous leisure. A product may be a Veblen good because it is a positional good, something few others can own. (Wikipedia). This is just the big boys playing and needing something to show off to each other. If your loaded then property, planes, cars etc are all very well but there isnt that much you can wear on you in person that can really show your wealth. Suits, shoes, jewelry etc requires the onlooker to be knowlagable. Watches are so spoken of these days a Tiffany Blue Patek Phillpe will be a lot easier to spot, especially by press etc. Also isnt the big deal here not so much the price but the availablitly. There are plenty Celebs and VIPs who can afford these watches even as the prices double and triple, its sweetie money. They can look at their banks, share accounts etc and see they have made enough interest this week to buy one. The money isnt the deal. I think whats driving this is a way for Celebs and VIPs to out trump their peers and show how 'important' they must be to have been offered one. The money is just a knockon effect. So my overal educated assesment of this global luxury goods scenario is that its all just down to ****** top trumps.
  13. Took my kids to school in the Messerschmitt this morning so sporting a bund. I know some dont like them but the comfort of this is immense. Love the combo but it doesnt hack, the kids moaned they could have had another 16 seconds sleep before we left. Have a great weekend.
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