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  1. Thanks Roy. Do you know anyone who does 1.8mm? Im replacing the ones in my new Smiths Everest and want to keep a tight fit. Originals measure 1.82 but came bent in a bad way.
  2. Hi, To date I have collected affordable watches, Hamilton mechanical, Seiko Alpinist, Smiths Everest. Im a mature student back at uni and 'if' I pass my wife wants to buy me a watch to mark the occaison. Im after a classic watch that is remade if possible, in the same way as new car models come out but they have the same name, and a classic product in the same way we think of a Zippo lighter or a Barbour wax jacket etc. Seiko Alpinist is one come to think of it, the only one I think I have along the lines of what Im thinking. I dont want anthing too sporty or tooly
  3. Hi, I use NATO straps a lot and have seen in pictures, timefactors for example, spring bars that once installed fill the lug width. If I order 20mm spring bars will they do this, or will it depend on the style? Im assuming a full width spring bar is only suitable for drilled lugs or you wont be able to get them back out. If this is correct how do you buy a full width 20mm spring bar as oppossed to a spring bar design for a 20mm lug width? Also keen to know the basic pros n cons of shoulder less, double shoulder etc etc for use with traditional leather straps. T
  4. I havent recieved a reply so bought from Amazon, cost me another few quid
  5. thanks gents, ive emailed them. Will post the reply.
  6. Note they are wholesale and you cant return most if not anything you buy!!
  7. Any ideas regarding the inability to add to a basket and only buy one item at a time? Thanks
  8. Hi, Im after a couple of RIOS straps, Apulia and Typhoon. Ive seen ukwatchstrap.co.uk come up before but found it a difficult site to browse with hundreds of tiny thumbnail pics. This time they are the best price I can find but the site wont let me put more than one item in the basket. As soon as you hit buy now your in the Paypal page asking for your details. Doesnt seem possible to add multiple items then complete your purchase. Ive been stung a couple of times with watches and parts. Had it fixed through Visa but its a massive hassle. Anyone here actually used them? thanks
  9. I totally get this. I have watches sitting past for my two boys for when they are a bit older only a couple of Tissots though no £10k watches here. If you can afford to put £20k past for them then thats great but without delving into your perosnal life that might be beer money to you or youve come from humble beginings have a small inheritance youve just recieved and you are putting the entire amount past for your daughters while you struggle to put food on the table! So only you can decide the 'risk' so to speak. To be very brief here my step father was a sat diver for comex, a s
  10. Hello, Can anyone suggest a tried method with products for leather watch strap care. I have a couple vintage ones I dont use but would like to feed protect enhance etc. I am also curious hot to look after my modern ones. Ive noticed one of my wifes newish ones has already started to crack and split on the inside. Im aware of leather care in general for shoes, sofas, bike seats etc but these are itmes you dont wear right on your skin. Thanks
  11. Looks perfect, I've never heard of O&W but make up some historical waffle about it and tell me how it will turn me into a war hero, astronaut or deep sea diver and ill give you £2k for it!
  12. Ive never looked at these, just had a squint on their website. I had myself looking at the 'inspired' by the marines video clip etc. Its all marketing like them all, this hobby is like a drug, we immerse ourselves in the heritage, and nostalgia and then find another watch we 'need'! I used to work in the Whisky industry they are the worse, I shouldn't fall for this stuff but I cant help it. Made I just need a humble good quality watch like a SINN.
  13. This actually is a big turn off. I like Tudor because of the quality of the watches they make and its a very relevant comment WRENCH about the endorsement fees adding to the cost. Maybe Tudor has become to current and trendy for me at the moment. Ball is my other lust but I think caution on the initial spend is important there as they wont hold their value as well I wouldn't think.
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