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  1. Thanks for your reply. The lack of follow up was the reason for my post. I know this was 2007 which is a long time ago for a company to still be trading with any sort of Rep problem. Seems very unfair that the post exists with no answer to counter but then this is the press all over! Ill give them a blast and report back on my experience. Cheers
  2. Hi, Ive seen a watch I fancy from TIC Watches, Darlington. But I have also seen a post about a trading standards investigation and another forum where a person was given a refund after he realised hed been supplied a counterfiet Tissot. This doesnt mean the company is the problem though. Quite easy I would imagine for them to be duped as much as anyone else. No disrespect to anyone but how often have you been in a shop where the shop asisstant doesnt know about the product and may just be there until something better comes along, or they are at uni and its 'just a job' until their studies have finished. So not everyone in the trade will be an 'expert'. Anyway thoughts? Anyone used them recently and been happy with the product? Thanks
  3. Why share it here if you dont care what we think! One of my favorite watches, I like how it is obviously what it is, a bit like cars were when you could spot a 205 Gti, RS Turbo or Golf Gti from miles away due to its shape instead of the contemporary egg shape we have today. Screw aerodynamics Ill have a flat fronted Integralle any day. One comment, from the pics Im not keen on the strap, looks a little dressy. I think it would look the dogs with a lighter leather, one of the chunky tan rustic type with contrast stitching. I think its more a stubble, denim, dude kind of watch than a dressy type. Enjoy.
  4. I like the Time Factors company and Eddie is straight to the point no BS which Im good with. I recently completed my MSc and wanted the Gilt Smiths and had tried 4 times with my wife sitting at the dining table on the Sundays to get one but no joy. But I can buy a brand new one on ebay for £500. Ive lost faith with the set up. It is basically now replicating what happens with Rolex. The thing I dont understand is yes Eddie is making his cut and demand is good but what % of his customers are now flippers not watch enthusiasts that want to keep and enjoy his product. The set up is allowing flippers to make an easy profit when he has to work for his. Makes no sense. The point of the Smiths brand is a good product at a fair price.
  5. Ive noticed very consistently if I sleep with a watch on I have a worse sleep. If I get up for a pee I pay attention to the time with a watch on, and how well it is glowing. It keeps me more focused and has a significant effect sometimes seeing every hour. So I generally sleep without one unless I am reaquanting myself with its lume capabilities.
  6. With you on that, the others are trying to much. That Pelagos, the more you know the less you have to show.
  7. I think that Isotope Hydrium is awesome. How many look in their watch boxes and see 10, 20, 30 plus watches that look much of a muchness. I think having extreme options like that very different from the next is 'refreshing'. and in the world we live these days fun, smiles and happiness is worth more than cool.
  8. Morning all. I took delivery of a Casioak yesterday in a muted yellow a bit to my wifes surprise. I am 45 and Ive been into watches since I got my first 'how to tell the time' watch with the red n blue minute circle. Then probably aged 8 looking in the shop window at a casio under water in a fish tank and asking Santa for one. My watch count is up to about 44 in total, a few inherited, most bought by me, total value about £10k, mainly affordable, Seiko, Hamilton, Smiths, Rado etc. My two kids, 12 and 13 have their own little little 3 slot watch case. A basic Casio digi, Rolex (Invicta) and a Lorus military day date on a school uniform matching Nato which is their school watch. One of my kids teachers commented on his watch the other day, he thought it was a bit flash on the striped Nato thinking it was something more than a £20 watch from Argos (dunno who is putting their kids to school with an Omega etc!). Anyway the teacher is about 30 years old. He thought it was odd that a kid was wearing a watch, the teacher uses his phone. Eventually my point: My kids only have watches because I am an enthusiast and I know thats why we are all here. But how long is the future of watches going to last? I can understand how the big boys like Rolex, Patek etc could continue to produce extremely high end 'luxury' items, yes they tell the time but they are just an expensive item that some can afford, they dont 'need' them. My biggest thought in the future is for the affordable watch brands that I buy, Seiko, Hamilton and some I dont which are a bit more expensive, Longine, TAG, Breitling etc. Surely the generations coming through wont touch a watch. A lump of metal like half a handcuff strapped to your wrist all day that you have to wind up, hack the second hand at the 12 position, wait for the exact minute to strike, probably refering to your mobile phone! then screw in the fidly crown and do it all again in a couple of days. We can see the time everywhere these days watches arent needed. We probably love watches because we have grown up with them and aspired to many types, brands etc. Im not into candle snuffers, pill boxes etc that come from an era before I was born in the same way kids arent really into watches. They are into phones that tell them the time and also a lot of other info, some of which they shouldnt know yet! I can see how even affordable watches like my nice Seiko marine master 200m will work in years to come and be of interest but surely us watch enthusiasts arent enough to keep the horilogical monster business model of the likes of Seiko and Swatch group afloat forever? What are your predictions for the watch industry future?
  9. Hello, My wife has recently bought me an antique 1920's Hamilton pocket watch as a graduation present. It never came with a chain and Im looking to buy one but it seems to be a bit of a mine field. Also online I am either finding cheap tat or antique valuable metals running over £1000 and not much in between. I have considered Cousins who sell solid silver at around £60 to £80 for a double Albert depending on weight. I eventually plan to buy a leather wristlet strap so I can wear it as a watch but I want an Albert for formal wear which doesnt happen a lot these days. So budget wise I want something of best quality I can get obviously but probably wouldnt want to spend more than £100. I wouldnt mind something with a fob even vicotrian style gem etc but this may be something I can buy seperatly and wouldnt mind costume jewellery for that part. My main concern first is the chain. Any recomendations new or used would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Ive always fancied the Tudor Black Bay 36mm and turned my nose up at the Glamour as it looks a bit too dressy online. In your pic though it shows it in a different light so to speak. I love the Day complication and the whole watch looks a lot more usuable for many types of scenarios. Mmmmmm got me thinking. Cheers
  11. Hi I am probably best described as an affordable watch collector. I have one or two possibly worth £1500 ish which are vintage but I have bought predominantly Hamilton, Seiko, Smiths, Glycine etc you know the ones. Since working from home I have noticed my interest hasnt really changed in watches but Im wearing the same watch much longer. Ive got a Seiko Save the Ocean on at the moment and I think I have worn this everyday for a month or so. This was unheard of previously, I would have worn a different watch/strap combination daily. I am after a black everyday watch, was thinking the Seiko Tuna Black n Gold perhaps or the Black Series. I have the Save the Ocean one and like the Tuna but open to others aswell. Finally my point. I paid £240 for my Save the ocean Tuna and the Black n Gold one was always available at the same price. My Save the ocean I am seeing online up to £600!! The Black n Gold I cant find. There seems very little of the previous bargains you would see that sometimes you just couldnt resist. Do you think we are seeing the Coivd, Brexit rise or a lift prior to Christmas so they can be on SALE!! I bought a couple of watches Black Friday type deals I think 2019, last year the pre Christmas deals were non existant. Its looking like this year might be even worse, no deals and sky high prices. Cheers
  12. On the size debate Ive said on here before its up the person, there is no right or worng size. A watch buyer might be looking for a specific oversize look, or an undersize vintage classic etc. Looking at this on your arm though makes me think there is a caveat. On such a classic as the Rolex sub it has to look classic sub in fit aswell or you risk wasting your money. Its so oversize for you it could look fake, youll be looked at as a non knowledge watch spoon who simply has bought a Rolex sub because thats what every non watch person that wants to look bling will aim for. As others have suggested a smaller Rolex I think would be a better option for you long term. But as always its your money. If you want a Rolex clock, then go for it.
  13. Wow that title had me wondering what you were going to say
  14. Surely thats easy, the UNION is traditional looking NOMOS contemporary. UNION is better alround, you can also think of it as keeping Scotland, please dont let Nicola take us away from you.
  15. My youngest is 11, a bit bling and wanted a Gold Rolex, he got a 'ladies' Invicta Pro diver. The size suits him. My 12 year old not to be left out wanted one but isnt bling and likes Red. He insisted on the Red invicta which I think only came in 42mm so looks very big. To me its not right but he loves it. This size thing being associated with Male and Female is ridiculous. Should we size alloy wheels on a car differently depending on whether a man or woman is buying it? A lot of kids I see these days I cant tell if they are male, female or something else anyway. Really size comes down to the look and thats really 3 categories. Under size for your wrist, to scale for your wrist, or over size for your wrist. You may choose to specifically want somethng that fits into these categories. If I wanted something vintage inspired I would probably go slightly undersize, my Smiths 36mm. I have a TW Steel bought for fun which I specifically bought because it is 52mm. Its your perception of your look that counts, unless you specifically want to please someone else. But the signifcant thing here is that we size bracelets or adjust straps to fit our wrists. So it cant be possible that a fitted watch is too big or too small. If it was an item of clothing and we were discussing wearing shoes 2 sizes to big becasue the loose ift had become trendy that would be different, and practically daft. But as a watch is fitted to your wrist this is a moot point. You can then get into should you wear a watch lose and janlgy or snug. Never ending debate.
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