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  1. On the size debate Ive said on here before its up the person, there is no right or worng size. A watch buyer might be looking for a specific oversize look, or an undersize vintage classic etc. Looking at this on your arm though makes me think there is a caveat. On such a classic as the Rolex sub it has to look classic sub in fit aswell or you risk wasting your money. Its so oversize for you it could look fake, youll be looked at as a non knowledge watch spoon who simply has bought a Rolex sub because thats what every non watch person that wants to look bling will aim for. As others have suggested a smaller Rolex I think would be a better option for you long term. But as always its your money. If you want a Rolex clock, then go for it.
  2. Wow that title had me wondering what you were going to say
  3. Surely thats easy, the UNION is traditional looking NOMOS contemporary. UNION is better alround, you can also think of it as keeping Scotland, please dont let Nicola take us away from you.
  4. My youngest is 11, a bit bling and wanted a Gold Rolex, he got a 'ladies' Invicta Pro diver. The size suits him. My 12 year old not to be left out wanted one but isnt bling and likes Red. He insisted on the Red invicta which I think only came in 42mm so looks very big. To me its not right but he loves it. This size thing being associated with Male and Female is ridiculous. Should we size alloy wheels on a car differently depending on whether a man or woman is buying it? A lot of kids I see these days I cant tell if they are male, female or something else anyway. Really size comes down to the look and thats really 3 categories. Under size for your wrist, to scale for your wrist, or over size for your wrist. You may choose to specifically want somethng that fits into these categories. If I wanted something vintage inspired I would probably go slightly undersize, my Smiths 36mm. I have a TW Steel bought for fun which I specifically bought because it is 52mm. Its your perception of your look that counts, unless you specifically want to please someone else. But the signifcant thing here is that we size bracelets or adjust straps to fit our wrists. So it cant be possible that a fitted watch is too big or too small. If it was an item of clothing and we were discussing wearing shoes 2 sizes to big becasue the loose ift had become trendy that would be different, and practically daft. But as a watch is fitted to your wrist this is a moot point. You can then get into should you wear a watch lose and janlgy or snug. Never ending debate.
  5. This is a good call and has come up on here before. If you want to play it down in the pub chat *to**ers' top trumps it can just be a Seiko. Chatting to a watch enthusiast its a GS.
  6. Ive nearly pressed go on one of these a few times. My concern was the flat 'spring bars'. From memory the drawing stated these where less than 2mm thick I think. Do they feel robust? If you press them in the middle is there a lot of flex? Thanks
  7. I think the OP has suffered a fair bit of abuse here that maybe isnt fair. Isnt he just asking which Rolex models people think look the least show off? It probably is the case though that Rolex has become so much more than a watch now its difficult to just own one as a watch enthusiast without being judged. Anyway Im way richer than Rolex so I bought myself a Casio Duro like Bill Gates, a few of my friends think Im a billionaire.
  8. Sold your sole because all the Tourbillons agree with me
  9. UNION is the best looking hands down.
  10. If youd been more specific I wouldnt have had to appear to have repeated what you said. I wasnt 'essentially' tell him to kind of sell the voucher. I was telling him to physically sell the voucher as I had done in the past. Way to read the thread, accurately this time!
  11. Sell your vouchers at a discount. I once was given holiday vouchers as a bonus by my boss, who said I had worked hard and it was his way of making me take a break. I was building a house at the time and wanted cash but he wouldnt swap them. Turns out hed bought vouchers for everyones bonus at discount. Thinking he was being smart and saving himself cash. But p*ssing the work force off who all now had vouchers they didnt want. I had £3000 worth and from memory think I got about £2300 for them on ebay. Cant you take the vouchers and sell them.
  12. If you give more information on what your after if might help others recommend. Do you wish to simply buy a watch you like? Or are you aiming to buy something that is in some way associated with your relative. Where they male or female. What era where they from. Did they do a job that might guide you. Where they at sea so a marine chronometer. Where they sporty, business like. Did they like gold or not. Did they have a favorite colour. This could all help guide a watch type to go for and then get you a firm recomendation for a dealer. Cheers
  13. If your thought is to try and buy and sell with a view to one day owning your Richard Mille as you say and you wish to buy and sell your way up to that starting with £300 then all the very best but tis a tall order. Its the equivalent of me going on pistonheads and saying how do I make money at this car game I hope to one day own an Aston Martin and I have £300 to buy an MOT failure and get to work. The thing is with my analogy you could put time and effort into cleaning up cars and making a hard earned profit. Watches, mmmmm not so easy. With £300 you might grab a bargain reduced from £600 with 50% off. But then what try and punt it on to someone who will imediately do a google search and find that age old issue where not much sells for RRP. If you watch H Samuel for example youll see the same watches on sale constantly. They win by people popping on and paying full price, and having to reduce them to shift the hundreds they have bought. If you sell me a watch on the bay there is no gurantee anymore, I have no comeback, your not a retailer etc. You might be better using your core skills to earn money however you earn a living and save up for a watch. I wouldnt buy a Richard Mille though youll lose a stack of that hard earned cash if you ever want to sell it.
  14. As others have said its the price thats the red flag. At that money Id want to be buying from a shop or well known online distributor with proof of service and some form of warranty, cooling off period and also Id be a lot happier if I knew they sold either other vintage or new watches I liked. So if all else fails you could put it back against a new watch etc. That said personally I love vintage but really its the look I like. So I prefer to buy vintage inspired, Smiths Expedition for example. I have a couple of real vintage 1950's watches left to me by granparents so they scrath the itch. If there was something you had always wanted, a grail watch from a certain era because your father had one etc and you knew exactly what you wanted and hunted it down then the price is ok but as long as you adhere to my first line above. But dropping $5k on the bay, as we say up my way, 'wise the heed min'.
  15. I like Tissot but I want a Certina in my collection but out of those two I prefer the Tissot. Certina looks a bit 1990's to me. Tissot looks a bit more retro, cleaner and like its not trying to hard, I quite like that watch. Id put it on a distressed leather strap to give it a bit of a war hero look which by association will make you appear tough and manly.
  16. About £100 all in delivered including the Cousins leather NATO which came from Cousins not Russia but was a fiver, watch about £90 delivered from Meranom. Tonneau shape, Sandwich dial, Candle stick hands, Funny crown that feels like its broken when you undo it, Russian, Plastic crystal, sunurst blue dial, You cant tell me this isnt a bit different, a bit of a conversation starter. I am from Scotland aswell so value is a big thing for me. I think this is one of my best looking watches and for a £100 its also exceptional value!
  17. Points noted on the the ease or not Always Alba and Wrench and good to see as usual on the forum vice versa opinions. This is why we need so many different watch options in the world. My collection started looking very samey, I naturally was go for military based with arabics, Seiko, CWC, Hamilton so a couple of years ago I made a decision to properly think about a watch before I bought it. Now I look and think is there anything else in my watch box that is the same and would simply get less wrist time if I buy this new watch thats a bit samey. So i try and find different, even slightly odd pieces or at least in a genre not all ready covered. Its not always easy to do. So anyway a single hander is probably more for me about having a single handed watch in my collection rather than how practical it may or may not be to use. Cheers
  18. Hello all, Id like a Meister Singer single handed watch but dont have that much to burn. Are you aware of any low cost single handers that arent rubbish. I only have up to about £200. Have a great weekend. Thanks
  19. I think you need to establish if its the watch or the winder before you go to the bother or returning the watch. If you put the watch in the winder and then the winder in the tumble dryer (got to be on a cool setting similar to room temp to be a fair test) then if the watch is working after its been tumbled then you will know it was the winder that was at fault.
  20. Smiths Expedition on RIOS Typhoon which has a sharp width change about 1" from the lugs it cuts in from 20mm to 18mm. I love this set up as to me anway it looks and feels truly vintage but in a new modern no worries package. Any non watch people I know that ask think its ancient. I like the rivet bracelet that comes with it aswell so it might be time for a change back soon. Appologies for photo quality I just cant get it right with my phone.
  21. You said the Smiths was a watch, I was being daft with the £200. If you look on the Smiths site the original, they service and sell antique Smiths, they are all £1000 to £2000 the last time I looked. Maybe you fix the obvious and use the forum to investigate and 'advise' based on the forum info so you are not taking the responsibility of value but are researching it for Norman. That would be pretty interesting. Some surely you will be able to discount as not worth selling but have put a battery in and it works. Put them all up on the forum for sale. Decent folk here, youll get fair offers for condition and working or not.
  22. Hi Norman, Ive looked at all the watches and apart from the Smiths watch which I will keep and give you £200 for the rest of the entire collection are all affordable watches of the time and due to the cost of new affordable watches these days mean they will be very difficult if not impossible to sell because new watches can be had for such a low price these days. I have put batterys in the easy fix ones and got several running. Id suggest you keep any you fancy yourself or possibly gift them to any children you might know especially that knew your dad as this might start them down the route of an interest in Horology as your father had.
  23. Appreciate your comments. If you look on Meranom there are hundreds but there are a few like the one I have above. They also do that one with arabics at the 3 6 9 12 and it was going to be my ode to a Panerai but its always out of stock. There are also a couple of 1940's type designs, I think one is called K-43. Im fancying one of them some time. I just took a punt on my blue one. I know its just a Vostok but I do look at it and think it looks really quite something design wise and at the price even better. The problem is it hasnt helped my constant fear to spend much more than £500 on a watch.
  24. From Russia with love, well Scotland really. I think a lot of the Vostoks are a bit tacky like something you would win at the fair. I thought this one almost looked classy. Sandwich dial which I dont have on any other watch and on a Cousins leather NATO. All in this was under £100 so for the type of watch, the look and cost I see it as one of my best value purchases. cheers What are you doing here? Trying to remove the al denties?
  25. 'Weight is everything' thats what I tell the wife.
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