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  1. Where can I get used watches? Craigslist is not an option where I live. Same for Chrono24.
  2. I'll be sure to have a look on the videos. Thanks :).
  3. Searched for the Skx007, but again, I thing 240 euros are a bit over my budget. Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. I searched for the Divex watches, but I think 500m is a bit overkill for me, I'm not looking for a serious diving watch, just something that I don't need to worry about going into the sea or the pool with. I looked for Glycine too, and it was a bit over my budget. About the Citizen excalibur, I haven't found it, do you have a link that I can use? Thanks for your suggestions, kind strangers. I REALLY appreciate it!
  5. I'll make sure to have a look . Thanks
  6. I'm impressed with the Vostok watches, I checked out the 420 series and they look good. Where can I buy the custom bezel, and most importantly, is it hard to install? Is the movement reliable? I don't know much about them. I really like the metal bracelet, and for 52 euros I can go to my local watchmaker and get a good metal bracelet.
  7. YES! I saw a Vostok watch that was very nice, but I can't find it, I don't know if it is a custom or what, I'll look for the photo and post here. This one.
  8. I'm in America, so I'll make sure to check out my local stores as well as other websites. Is there a 38mm version of the Seiko Ray or Mako II? I can't find it. Looked at the Scurfa watches, a little bit off price for me. I'm a student, so budget is a thing to me. Thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it.
  9. Hello all, I am looking for an affordable diver watch, around 180 euros. My wrist is quite small, so preferably 38mm. I was looking at the Invicta Pro Diver, but I dont know if people would look at me like the "Guy with the cheap submariner" Any suggestions? Thanks!
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