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  1. The little dial is the second movement, the hole on it forms Sputnik, note its tails, with the part number underneath. The numbers denote seconds not date. The dial rotates, replaces a standard second hand, revealing the numbers as it moves and does nt stay still
  2. Thanks for the seller link, that's helpful. On the watch dial, it's what is the second hand and rotates, so picture caught it between numbers. there's other photographs showing it fully open over other numbers
  3. Hi, I'm enjoying my start to watch collecting, which has been led primarily by space related watches. I'm hoping to add a Sturmanskie Sputnik watch and have a few questions The brand new watch is a Sturmanskie quartz movement and is around £160 however I've found what must be original or reconditioned older models. These are a Pobeda Sputnik ZIM with white face and white rotating sputnik circle where the 6 would be as a second hand, and a Podeba ZIM Pobeda 2602 with same sputnik feature however a gold inner disc. Is the new watch a homage to these? The older watches have mechanical movements and are half the price. Can anyone help me on what I'm looking at. Original or reconditioned is not the issue unless advised I'm making an error here! Its primarily the design and sputnik feature that's attracted me. As a new watch collector I'm after help knowing what I'm potentially purchase. Finally, there's a Ukraine based ebay seller with these, anyone have experience purchasing from there?
  4. Thanks Lampoc, I do love it as a well conceived relevant design feature. I've found some photographs now showing the dial various positions. Hi Vin, I would nt at first repair muself so looking at new watches, or, budget price dependant, vintage used in gwo
  5. Thanks for the welcomes, my Bulova Moon watch has arrived and I can't stop just admiring it! Think might get addicted to watch collecting
  6. Thanks for the welcome and advice! Hi thanks! Drawn to them on both historic and Design grounds, something about that era Soveit graphics. There was a cool exhibition on Russian space 'art' in London a few years ago. The more I read the more I find, the Podeba Lunar 17 has now attracted my attention. Nice to find a non circular watch as well for diversity!
  7. Hi, used the forum quite a bit before joining, and have signed up now I've ordered my first 'serious' watch, a Bulova 96b251, which I can't wait to wear and will replace my beloved Festina watch, which whilst it is what it is, served me well and has sentimental value along with accompanying me all over the place! Be odd looking at my wrist and it not being there! I've also backed the Xeric nasa watch and that should arrive soon. Since getting more interested in the watch hobby the Sturmanskie Gagarin and Sputnik watches are grabbing attention! I'm also now browsing ebay, a lot of vintage watches appeal purely on design grounds so it's fun following up those I like the look against researching the brand and model on here
  8. Hi, new member so go easy if these are stupid questions! I really love the design of some of their watches and have come to the hobby from the Space angle so their story also interests me. I like the Gagarin commemorative watch both on design and history grounds so will be a possible 2020 purchase. My main question is about the Sturmanskie Sputnik S VD78/6811421. It features a small dial showing Sputnik above the 6. Does this dial rotate or do anything, eg similar moonphase dial or is it just ornimentation? Happy hearing comments on both watches
  9. Hi I've just joined the forum following also getting my first Bulova watch and first foray into 'serious' watches. My 96b251 is on its way, after much searching found one with 25% off at a high street jewelers so very happy with that. The Apollo connection along with strong classic design drew me in, and the accuracy reliability clinched it. Can't wait to get it and share my thoughts
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