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  1. I’ve been considering one for a while. Very impressed, very large, very light and very comfortable.
  2. Christmas and New Year is always the worst time for me, I’ll just treat myself for Christmas and then the sales kick off. The original intention of just one new arrival saw three incoming in the last few weeks.
  3. Morning, Bulova not had a run out for a while
  4. I think it’s each to their own. Trident’s are their biggest seller but don’t really do it for me, I do love the Motor Sport collection though. Not to everyone’s taste but great quality at decent price’s.
  5. Really like the C7 Rapide Automatic, but the budget has been blown.
  6. Not the best photo I’m watching the football and can’t be bothered to move.
  7. For over a year after I split from my wife I didn’t wear a watch at all, she bought me a really nice Citizen early on in our relationship which er was lovingly engraved Loved that watch but let’s just say it had memories and even though I still have I can’t wear it. Last Christmas I decided to take the small annual bonus from work and treat myself to a Tissot III automatic. I had always previously had quartz watches but I wanted an automatic for that sweeping hand movements. I still find myself staring at the sweeping second hand. It went from there. I think I have about 16 watches at present (one more in en route) Tissot, Seiko, Orient, Bulova, Vostok, Hamilton, Festina, Rotary. Dress, Diver, Military, Sport, Chronograph, quartz, manual, automatic I’ve got a range. I have a watch for every occasion. I even have an Apple Watch (which I rarely wear!) I told myself I would limit myself to one watch this Christmas, an Orient Ray II. Then I was casually browsing and saw a Hamilton Pan Europ way above my usual budget but I loved it, then I got the Christopher Ward Sale email. I’m very protective of them I noticed a very small scratch on my SNK805 and my Vostok Amphibian got a small scuff on the acrylic face and There have been mistakes and these are usually the result of rash late night eBay purchases. The Oris Frankenwatch from India (Don’t ask!), the Hanowa without a working date function (Didn’t read the description!), the Panerai homage I bid on last minute because there were a lot of bids and I liked it (Sea Gull movement that at very least needs servicing) I nearly ended up with a spares or repair Seiko at the weekend (got outbid thankfully) . I have a T W Steel from a clearance at Argos, great price, even for a T W Steel, just don’t really like it. There’s a nice Alpina I had my eye on but no.....for now!
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