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  1. Only child, separated with no kids, technically still married. On good terms with the Ex, split amicably in the end. I’ve honestly no idea, but I don’t think I’ll care that much to be truthful, being dead and all . I have the same question about the house, savings, pension etc. I have nothing in my collection which cost over a £1000 so no great value but I guess if I keep rotating and looking after them they may stay in a pretty good condition, they might all add up to something. Whoever they go to my only real concern would be they take them down to Cash Converters without
  2. Should be with me in the next day or so. I wasn’t really looking and I told myself no more. I’ve had a rough few weeks and last night I stumbled across it at the right price, so just put it in the basket. I woke up this morning and it took a few minutes before the “Oh FFS I bought another watch didn’t I!” hit me ! No regrets though!
  3. On the laptop in the spare room after getting pinged into self isolation by the track and trace app.
  4. Another day, another Vostok.
  5. Mondaine today. Currently sat in the car park at work, we’ve had a a few people go down with Covid and I’ve been for yet another lateral flow test. The last two were negative, and I feel fine so I’m hoping for the hat trick.
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