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  1. Highly unlikely I will ever find the one. I admit have too many watches, I have too many shirts.....trainers...coats...aftershaves. It’s complicated, I get a rush when I make a purchase, I love variety and choice, I like to change my look on a daily basis, I like different. I go to London and see the boys in their office uniforms of navy suits, white shirt, polished black shoes and tie. I think thank god that’s not me. What I’ve spent over the last few years on building up my collection I could have probably got one or two really decent pieces, but I wouldn’t have the ch
  2. Well my next purchase was going to definitely be a Longines Hydro Conquest but I’ve been looking at Certina and Orange dials for a while when this popped up in Sellors/Jura Black Friday sale so I went for it. Ah yes the wetsuit
  3. Just delivered by the Royal Mail Certina DS Super PH500M Probably going to lose the dive strap it’s a little long for my small wrist.
  4. My Red Kamasu I have a Defender 2 en route with DHL from Creation/City Watches in Singapore.
  5. Well I’ve been looking at Certina for a while, I’ve been looking at Orange dials for a while and this popped up today with an early Black Friday reduction. CERTINA DS SUPER PH500M I ‘accidentally’ added it to my basket and checked out
  6. These are the two GMT’s I have. Automatic but not an independent GMT hand Independent GMT hand but quartz
  7. I have the Apple 4 watch it’s main use other than telling the time is using it’s Bluetooth connection to skip tracks on the music I’m listening to on my morning walk. I once tried actually answering a call on it in central London, absolute disaster.
  8. 36 and a few never to be worn bad bad bad EBay buys tucked away from view somewhere. The 36 are in three cases of 12 grouped by manufacturer. I do have a watch winder which I use occasionally for anything but my Hamilton’s which just don’t get on with it.
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