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  1. New arrival from Meranom. I only really got to it because I wanted the end links for my Vostok Neptune bracelet (minimum order for shipping). Was a little unsure but it looks so much better in real life.
  2. Even more dread than seeing Hermes have got it!
  3. Vostok from Meranom arrived today, cleared Russian Customs on 8th July. It’s just taking a bit longer at the moment.
  4. That explains that then That explains that then
  5. Meranom and Moscowtimeseller on eBay have always been reliable. My latest from Meranom has just arrived in the UK apparently a month after clearing Russian customs. Just the way it is at the minute. I used SMIRS in Moscow for my last one as Meranom didn’t have stock. Strange checkout as you have to wait for them to email you a PayPal invoice. Two week delivery though, maybe as their based in Moscow as opposed to Meranom in Christopol.
  6. I keep seeing Meranom push Buyalov’s through their Facebook page. Really like the first one, second one is a nice watch but looks a little too bulky for me.
  7. Going to attempt to disassemble a wardrobe in my G Shock followed by a trip to the tip. Another thrill filled Sunday lies ahead.
  8. Went with Spent I was really looking for the OK could be better, could be worse one but it wasn’t there.
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