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  1. Another day on the laptop just a different watch.
  2. Diving into some spreadsheets!
  3. Nick67+1


    Mowed the lawn, tidied the garden up a little, cooked lunch and er....... now watching the Kardashians
  4. I haven’t been furloughed and I am still working from home on full pay. I’m not going out anywhere so I am saving money in that sense. I have looked and been tempted by some deals in the sales that are going on at the minute, in normal circumstances I would have jumped in. I picked up a cheap Casio quartz off Amazon as I just liked it, Sapphire Glass and for £40 I thought why not. I did have a rather sobering conversation last week about the financial impact on the business (I work for a national retailer, we’ve been doing fine and debt free for years) of this enforced shut down. If we get through this we will be forced to change and it will take us years to get level again.
  5. Long shot of going to see them in June at Coventry.
  6. Nick67+1

    DIY haircuts.

    Thinning on top badly. Have Wahl clippers used to use the No1 or No2 guides but then took the plunge last autumn and dropped using the guides altogether. I did notice last winter my head was incredibly cold when I wasn’t wearing a hat. I usually clip it twice a week now.
  7. Currently have three, have repeatedly looked at getting a blue or green dial Bambino but have yet to take the plunge.
  8. Nick67+1


    Probably the best day of my life, 40 plus years of watching them yo yo between leagues we got handed the Premier League Trophy. It is never going to get better than that!
  9. Some L’Oréal Men’s Face Mask and a nice little Casio off Amazon.
  10. Nick67+1


    Totally went ballistic on the kitchen with Zoflora this morning. Just picked up this Casio on Amazon after the similar Bambino I had in my basket last night went up by £70! CASIO Men's Analogue Quartz Watch https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NJFLSPG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_EXlIEb1D37Z7C
  11. Been looking at numerous sales, mainly through boredom and I am tempted. Mondaine Stop 2 Go down to a price where I would just about consider it https://www.watchshop.com/mens-mondaine-stop2go-watch-mst-4101b-lc-p100021584.html
  12. At home with the Bambino, looking at watches which I really shouldn’t be considering purchasing.
  13. Working from home, sat on the sofa with the laptop so the G-Shock was the obvious choice.
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