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  1. Off to watch Leicester Tigers in a bit so a bit of green.
  2. I have the same watch and I love it as well. There’s some very nice watches in their Cocktail range, I keep adding them to a basket now and then without checking out. The problem is I don’t wear dress watches that often anymore, gone casual at work and I’ve not really been going anywhere. I also wouldn’t pay RRP for one and I have a bit of a bugbear about Seiko’s use of hardlex at a point many other’s offer sapphire.
  3. Morning all, starting with this. For some crazy reason I have my shopping delivered at 6.30 on Saturday mornings.
  4. Shorts on, going to be a hot one in the UK.
  5. No yet it’s Prepared for Shipment from Russia on 2nd Sept. I looked at the tracking on an old Meranom order the other day. I assumed as there is an Airport at Sharapova they would fly direct but this one went to Poland and Germany before getting here.
  6. I have a lot but not as many as this guy. I usually go to a lot of gigs or sporting events but Covid has seen to that. I just bought things to try and alleviate the boredom and monotony, watches and trainers mostly. The permanent sales and discounts haven’t helped. I have just over 60 pairs of you count Converse and Vans. Probably about 40% Adidas the rest New Balance, Nike, Asics, Reebok, Onitsuka Tiger, Skechers. There are a few unworn, I bought some white suede adidas the other week, when am I ever going to be comfortable wearing white suede!!! I was showing the plumber around the other day and we got to the spare room where they are either on a 6ft shoe rack or piled up in their boxes. Awkward moment when he asked if the boxes were empty.
  7. I look after the fleet at work (lord knows how I got the job I’m not really a car person but I know the finance side of it really well) and we would love to go electric but we have some field staff who do some serious mileage. We had an I-pace as a demo and were very impressed. The infrastructure just isn’t there for us to be comfortable making the switch right now though. We need to see better range, with faster chargers and more reliability and availability.
  8. Morning all, two days off whilst having a new boiler and radiators fitted. I know the day is wrong but I couldn’t be bothered to take another pic. Orient Defender II
  9. I usually keep the one I chose in the morning on all day unless I’m going out and change my outfit then I’ll change the watch.
  10. A late change and excuse the glare. Off out to my first gig since March ‘20. It’s Passenger though so I’m not expecting a mosh pit, more of a middle aged crowd gently nodding along!
  11. Was off to the Rugby but currently waiting in for a delivery of radiators which was meant to be coming on Monday/Tuesday Any the SNZG11.
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