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  1. The wannabe Amphibia Komandirskie. Excellent taste!
  2. Follow her on Twitter and yes I still would
  3. When I got to V and Vostok wasn’t there I no longer took it seriously
  4. You have Rolex and Rolls, Brietling and Bentley, Patek and Porsche but today it’s all about.......Vostok and Vauxhall
  5. Walking with my flightmaster to be used for telling of the time only....probably
  6. I’ve liked the look of a quite a few of them. Never really seen any on the WRUW threads or much of a mention before on here so assumed they weren’t up to much quality wise.
  7. They’re pretty versatile, I can pretty much wear one for any occasion. Aside from that I feel more comfortable doing the washing up wearing something with 200 plus metres of water resistance than 30.
  8. Hamilton Pan Europ. Happy Easter everyone.
  9. AV0073-08E Citizen Promaster Bullhead
  10. Lazy Saturday, finally got showered and dressed and went for the Seastar
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