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  1. I might be breaking some ice later….into a glass.
  2. There’s a story behind this and no laughing at the back of mocking the rookie!! I originally bought this Scuba Dude off eBay and was never really happy with the original look. I finally decided to mod it a couple of weeks ago. I had a look at a couple of YouTube videos….. piece of cake! Got a new strap, quick release fitted not a problem. Now the bezel……. I ordered a bezel and spring. I thought I was ordering a bezel and insert, apparently I was ordering the bezel. It turned up no insert or any sign of the spring. Anyway I ordered an insert, arrives fits the bezel perfectly. I pop off the old bezel all going well. I use the old spring tweak it and tweak it again and again it will not fit and just snap back on hmmmmmm…..it must be the spring……. I’ll order a new spring…off to eBay we go. New spring arrives…..here we go…..15 minutes of more tweaking and adjustment of the brass spring and suddenly this steel spring pops out from the bezel They had fitted a steel spring so perfectly into the new bezel I didn’t even realise it was in there I thought it was a fine ridge on the bottom inside edge. Put it back in and it pops on straight away. Grrrrr!! After all of that I’ve ordered a grey strap as I’m not sure the red one works!
  3. I use their sister site City Watches, prices are higher but DDP, so no worries about Customs charges etc. Ordered my latest Orient from Singapore on the Sunday, delivered by DHL on the Wednesday. I’ve had UK deliveries take longer. I can’t fault them.
  4. I keep the box and papers to all of mine. There is a large box in the spare room full of watch boxes. I do look on pre-owned sites now and then and wonder why anyone would discard the box and papers. It’s not just watches though my better quality trainers are all kept in their original boxes. I keep my iPhone boxes. I traded my old one in the other week the headphones and charging cable were in there unused, added a few extra pounds onto the price.
  5. Probably bordering on too much information here but I don’t wear anything to bed
  6. Vostok SE 420B36 Being worn because it’s too hot to mess around with the Vostok 12 to 8 thing.
  7. I think so but I’m not 100% sure, some referred to the version with the power reserve as the Triton some called that the Neptune. City Watches, where I got it from, referred to it as the Triton I’ve seen it called the baby or new Triton in places .
  8. Going to have my first attempt at swapping the bezel on this…..eventually Got a new Barton strap off Amazon at the weekend and thought let’s sort out a new bezel. Had a look at a few YouTube videos, have what’s needed seems easy enough. I ordered a bezel from a place recommended on here, I didn’t actually realise I was literally just ordering the bezel and it didn’t include the insert, my mistake . Well I’ve now ordered an insert. It’s costing me more to mod it than the watch cost me off eBay
  9. Ray II Neighbours partying to the early hours, in the office and feeling tired after 4 hours sleep.
  10. To be honest I feel a bit of a love hate with this. The least worn of my Orient’s the face feels a bit plastic and cheap to me. I like the idea but it’s in the same price bracket as my bambino’s which look far nicer.
  11. I saw the deep blue version of the presage in the flesh today, absolutely stunning in the sunlight. I love the Cocktail Presage range from Seiko.
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