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  1. In life I tend to be always drawn to the “ooh that’s nice......How much!!” product.
  2. Treated myself to the green Pan Europ at Christmas. A bit more than I would normally pay but it was love at first sight, no regrets.
  3. No idea why I never thought of that!!
  4. I was a one watch man for over a decade. My ex purchased me a Citizen early into our relationship and had it engraved. The day we broke up I took the watch off and have never wore it since. I went about two years before I decided I really missed a decent watch and bought my first Tissot Automatic. That was the my first mistake, I’m now a little hooked! Still have the Citizen, needs a battery and the dial is a little scratched but just can’t wear it.
  5. The watch and shirt to suit my mood, a little blue.
  6. Bulova are very Marmite to me, and I own four of them! Some, like these, are really nice others are OMG who approved putting that into production
  7. On my left, squarish as in a little dull. On my right, fresh in from St Petersburg via eBay https://flic.kr/p/2ix6C1Y
  8. I’m going to have a little rant Now I’ve bought off Jura before with no issues, other than they actually rang me because I left my basket hanging and they wanted to push through the sale. Thursday night ordered a Raymond Weil in the sale, 6 months interest free put down a deposit, finance went through, finance and order confirmation received. Next day delivery so expected today. No despatch or tracking confirmation received so I gave them a call... - Hi order number XYZ is it out for delivery? - Hang on I’ll check (30 seconds of total silence, thought they had hung up) - Sorry when you ordered the watch it appears it had just gone out of stock. It was a deal we had with Raymond Weil our ordering department are in tomorrow (Sunday!) they will see if they can get you the watch (Actually on sale on their website again at the full price!!) I know how online works, I work in retail, if it’s in your basket the stock should be reserved. I loathe paying on finance but this was the right watch at a great price at the wrong time for me to purchase outright. I would have picked one of the other two colours available if I had been told this wasn’t available (both now sold out!). Really poor on their part. It’s not so much the finance but Black Horse totally screwed my credit rating years ago and it took months involving the financial ombudsman and solicitors letters to put right something which started in very similar situation to this regarding a car purchase. I was never chased for the money but month after month of non payment markers were unknowingly being added to my credit record. I still want the watch but it’s not been a great experience this time round so far.
  9. I may be be interested in downsizing to your plot but with my new Raymond Weil Tango at least I’ll be able to tell how long it is until breakfast. I really need to avoid the XYZ has a sale threads on here!
  10. I’ve had a lovely watch comment on this from a lady at work. A few at work know it’s my thing and ask what I’m wearing then glaze over when I give them the history of my Vostok Amphibia
  11. Just arrived today. Have a couple of NATO’s purchased for it but going to leave it as it is for now.
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