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  1. I love a watch with a bit of provenance , 1989 G10 for men bought from a ex squadie that did a few tours of Iraq wearing it
  2. My new addition Hasn’t quite found its way on to my wrist yet but it’s been keeping my bookend company since it’s arrival
  3. Still loving the Russian space watches
  4. Finally come in from outside so the G Shock has been put to bed , time to cook the Sunday roast
  5. Can’t remember if I’ve shared this before but I am vice chairman of a club and have been collecting and showing old Stationary engines for years , this one weights in at 2 1/4 ton built in 1909 and is rated at 10hp , runs on paraffin and needs a blow lamp to start it , I’m the second owner from new
  6. Old faithful all day for doing chores , now just changed to my A11 to cook dinner
  7. New arrival this week and keeping with my moon watch theme Sinn 142 , loving this watch it’s super chunky
  8. Bought my first Transit diesel tipper new in 1988, had many more since and took delivery of my new Transit in January , gone through various engine variants all diesel and all including the new one with a smaller 2 litre engine have returned an average of 22mpg , so much for technology and more efficiency
  9. Not had wrist time for a while , best give it a whirl
  10. long term plans are to leave it as it I’m not going to repaint they are only original once , there is no rust anywhere it’s super solid , the engine will be “ hopped up” ie retain the flathead v8 but add some speed parts , heads ,carbs, cam , it already has a split exhaust system , I will update the brakes to 39 hydraulic and have got all the parts to do a period conversion I bought while it was in the states it will be used and abused in all weathers and going to drive the sh#t out of it
  11. Been enjoying my New acquisition that has kept me busy for the last few weeks I have just imported it from. Kansas , 1938 Ford with 32000 miles from new sat in a barn for 55 years had a gentle recommissioning and its first wash since the late fifties , runs and drives great and still on cable brakes it’s an original one old lady owner believe it or not
  12. Been a tad busy so the Good old G shock hasn’t left my wrist for the past few weeks
  13. Having a bit of a Vietnam day today , wearing my original 1969 USMC Jungle Jacket and 1973 type11 Berus Mil sub
  14. Unusual WW1 nickel cased Patria that’s had a bit of a life
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