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  1. New to me today TV dial , maybe a bit marmite to some but one of the less common Speedmasters
  2. Ford model A roadster pickup built in 1928 but with a modern twist in the engine dept
  3. This is what I can be found driving and racing in at the weekends
  4. Bought this last year at auction along with a few other watches as it caught my eye but can’t find out any info on why the dial is marked like this
  5. Yes spot on good value and does what it says in the tin
  6. Not sure Alan still doing them ? had a couple rebuilt by him a few years back and always had good results http://www.watchrepairs.co.uk/
  7. Monday to Friday watch for me as I work outside all year round , this ones lasted four years so far
  8. It’s been a kinda Yema Daytona Sunday
  9. Hello I’m Jon been into collecting watches some years now, fell out of love with it for a while as life got in the way so had a big clear out several years ago as numbers had made it into 3 figures all mechanical , regret letting some of them go now as having now rekindled my interest and now have a good mate who can talk watches as well as old cars which is another interest I have any way I’m back now collecting with a keen interest in Military watches this ultra rare Benrus being my latest addition
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