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  1. In a better light and still running which amazes but there again so do Timex
  2. saturday fun watch , what you can’t see is that he’s waving as it ticks
  3. it was a bit of a leap of faith tbh so It might be a good idea to have it accredited with Blancpain , I have tried to do some research but read on one site that there is around 50 different variants of the Fifty Fathons watch, I found this one which appears to be near on identical to mine with the same movement https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1960-Blancpain-Rayville-Aqua-Lung-1000ft-Diver-Bold-Pre-Radiation-Type-SEAL/303557675495
  4. Got a Message earlier this week asking if I was interested in buying this, well these come up very often at the price offered so I have managed to PX in some watches that I never really bonded with so hasn’t hurt the bank balance which is a bonus One of these has been on my radar for a little while as the “original” Divers watch that many have copied and aspired to over the years, being a “Aqua Lung” it was sold under the Jaques Cousteau line of sub Aqua equipment to the domestic market mainly , there’s quite a good blog of the history which explains it far better than me here http:
  5. Started with a CWC G10 so my Second watch of the day now that I’m sat down is my 806 Navitimer
  6. Happy new year now my heads cleared a bit
  7. Your not going mad They came with bezels fitted both ways ie counting backwards or forwards , can’t find out why but seems more common to be counting backwards
  8. New battery arrived just now so changed over to my F300
  9. Been wearing a Royal Navy CWC all day whilst doing odd jobs and spending far to much time looking at Russian watches after falling in love with a certain someone’s watch on here .....more of that to come when it arrives
  10. Well I was going to give this an airing today but the battery has died so ordered some new , this is the last of my Hummer watches but did manage to find my Accuton service and technical books bought from the states a few years back , the white technical one dates from 1960 , facts about from 1964 and the pink 214/218 service manuals from 1969
  11. Keeping the Dirty Dozen theme going for the Daily dog walk , Eterna one of only five thousand issued making one of the rarer ones
  12. Favourite purchase this year has been this , has a story to tell ..wish I new it
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