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  1. Lazy day today as I feel like crap , with its very complicated dial and much as a like this watch it doesn’t get much wrist time as I can’t read the time without glasses . That’s old age for you
  2. Out in town taking back Christmas presents this morning so a good excuse to wear my current fave the sinn 142 just making it into the oldies
  3. Been a busy day in the garden cutting and fixing the roof joists for my garage extension wearing the old g shock dodging the rain but managed to get a bit of wear from the Heuer over at my sons birthday tea after
  4. Yes it drives me mad Bonklips are so much easier
  5. Fitting day to be worn, my speedy fitted with a Forstner band
  6. Beer time again after laying yet more concrete blocks for a retaining wall in the garden , next like a lobster back like Quasimodo bought this Military strap for the Sturmanskie , it’s had a life but at 20 odd quid all the way from the Ukraine you can’t really grumble , lugs aren’t quite right but hey ho
  7. All day outside labouring for the brickies building my garage extension wearing the g shock of course which is now covered in pug , now time for a beer and a sit down ...... Bit of a orange theme going on here so thought I would join in , new strap for the Sinn arrived this week
  8. I love a watch with a bit of provenance , 1989 G10 for men bought from a ex squadie that did a few tours of Iraq wearing it
  9. My new addition Hasn’t quite found its way on to my wrist yet but it’s been keeping my bookend company since it’s arrival
  10. Still loving the Russian space watches
  11. Finally come in from outside so the G Shock has been put to bed , time to cook the Sunday roast
  12. Can’t remember if I’ve shared this before but I am vice chairman of a club and have been collecting and showing old Stationary engines for years , this one weights in at 2 1/4 ton built in 1909 and is rated at 10hp , runs on paraffin and needs a blow lamp to start it , I’m the second owner from new
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