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  1. Just scraping into the young uns , 1992 Sub for a trip out and a nice Sunday roast with friends
  2. I’ve got one of those , love mechanical alarm watches … I paid £25 for mine many moons ago
  3. Been a long week so had a much needed day shopping for car parts down in Poole Dorset
  4. Off with the daily G shock and on with something for the weekend ……
  5. Happy new year everyone , Out for lunch today in Lewes with my other half and mother-in-law
  6. My much used and abused Speedy for today
  7. Good excuse to wear the Submariner today whilst Dinner is cooking , merry Christmas one and all
  8. First vintage watch I’ve worn for a few weeks so thought I would go German with a military WW2 Doxa DH
  9. Keeping the Breitling theme going , another I’ve owned for probably 15 years and deserves a bit of wrist time now and again
  10. Not had any wrist time lately so thought I’d best let it have a turn
  11. Just got my Carrera back from a refresh , I had the second hand repainted really pleased with the result , unfortunately they couldn't fix the date wheel as the gear is unobtainable so if anyone has one kicking about I would love to have that side working again
  12. Thanks , i did manage to break 3rd gear on the BGH gearbox with a mixture of drag racing and hill climbing which was a first for them ha ha , so got a few Quiafe bits in it now for good measure , sounds like you had a nice set up there as well I haven’t decided yet on gearbox behind the small block but I like the Muncie and Richmond 4 speeds as I have a bit of a doppelgänger going on with 5 speed boxes when I’m racing and tend to either miss third and go into fifth or go back into first which has caused a few problems as you can imagine , I have a Muncie already which is fitted in another project I’m building , there nice and compact as well where as the Tremecs are huge and the T5s are a bit on the weak side especially with my history
  13. Well I did something today that has made space in the drawer and maybe one day regret , I have sold all 9 of my Dirty Dozen watches as getting the full set is now somewhat elusive and getting ridiculously expensive and bought this instead a unmolested 1981 14750 GMT Perhaps I’ve sold my soul to the Devil that is Rolex
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