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  1. Keeping the Breitling theme going , another I’ve owned for probably 15 years and deserves a bit of wrist time now and again
  2. Not had any wrist time lately so thought I’d best let it have a turn
  3. Just got my Carrera back from a refresh , I had the second hand repainted really pleased with the result , unfortunately they couldn't fix the date wheel as the gear is unobtainable so if anyone has one kicking about I would love to have that side working again
  4. Thanks , i did manage to break 3rd gear on the BGH gearbox with a mixture of drag racing and hill climbing which was a first for them ha ha , so got a few Quiafe bits in it now for good measure , sounds like you had a nice set up there as well I haven’t decided yet on gearbox behind the small block but I like the Muncie and Richmond 4 speeds as I have a bit of a doppelgänger going on with 5 speed boxes when I’m racing and tend to either miss third and go into fifth or go back into first which has caused a few problems as you can imagine , I have a Muncie already which is fitted in another project I’m building , there nice and compact as well where as the Tremecs are huge and the T5s are a bit on the weak side especially with my history
  5. Well I did something today that has made space in the drawer and maybe one day regret , I have sold all 9 of my Dirty Dozen watches as getting the full set is now somewhat elusive and getting ridiculously expensive and bought this instead a unmolested 1981 14750 GMT Perhaps I’ve sold my soul to the Devil that is Rolex
  6. It’s a Black top Zetec so not expensive to replace , The piston hit the head and but looks like the valves have survived Yes a fair bit of money gone into that engine , It’s a much modified black top Zetec running race cams , head has been ported and flowed to the max but stock size valves , block was decked 30 thou and over bored to 2060 cc and fitted with forged pistons , bottom end all ARP , lighted flywheel and all balanced ,sump is a raceline Ali one and a not dry sump , fitted with 48 DCOE carbs with 42mm chokes , it pulled 227 hp on the Dyno @8100 rpm , the gearbox is a type 9 that has been fitted with BGH helical gears so nice and quiet but nearly as strong as a Quaife also running a sintered paddle clutch as I kept spitting out the bell housing friction plates type ones , hopefully my engine builder can redo a new block and bottom end and salvage some of what’s left , the con Rod that failed was the only stock item left which is the law of sod so maybe forged rods next time , back racing in May hopefully trying to beat my own class records at Pendine Sands hot Rod races The plan is to up my current records at Pendine then strip out and put in a small block Ford but rebuilding this engine is the cheaper option at the Moment as that will require a full drive retrain up grade
  7. Nice to see a fellow hifi nut , I’ve got a Lenco up in the loft that I will get around to fettling some day , stick a decent cartridge in them and they sound superb , speaker wise I’m a Tannoy fan as I run a Valve system , nice job though
  8. It’s been a kinda busy few months but managed to do Goodwood revival after being invited to take part in the Hotrod parade and show celebrating 70 years of the National Hot Rod Association … all went well till Sunday morning when I blew up my engine sending a Conrod out both sides of the block and through the sump … of your going to do it do it in style in front of the cameras and an audience , a fantastic photo came up of the moment it went bang , I have now stripped down the engine to see what’s salvageable maybe the head and three pistons , onward and upwards I suppose
  9. Meal out in town for a Date night with the other half deserves something a little special to wear ……
  10. Very interesting article on the Mil-ship https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/bulova-mil-ships-w-2181
  11. Been out looking at old tat at a local steam fair today , wearing my new addition …still can’t get a non reflective photo of it with its curved glass
  12. Yes it’s one of the limited editions and wasn’t aware of the release date , just saw it and fell in love Yes the box is a flimsy plastic affair but looks cool from a distance though ha ha and at the end of the day it’s all about the watch
  13. Yes 16mm , Bulova are now owned by Citizen making them the largest watch manufacturer in the world
  14. Couple of new watches bought this week , I only went to collect the second hand but fully boxed lunar watch as I’ve been after one for a while to complement the space watch collection and fell in love with the Limited edition ( 1000 world wide ) Mil-Ship reissue Diver with it’s cool box so it had to come home as well …hard to photograph with its sapphire glass
  15. Not sure weather to post this in the Russian section or not but Very pleased with my Mid week arrival (I should stay off Etsy ) this very nice Mig 29? Cockpit clock . Looks to be new old stock and came complete with paperwork and packing case , it certainly has a loud tick
  16. Milsub for a wonder around the junk shops in Lewes
  17. Thanks John , I have been looking for the right one for a while as you know , I found this one on eBay via the Ukraine and paid a bit more as it had the original document with it , always nice to have paperwork though , just need to find a nice Seconda and Poljot badged one to have the set ha ha
  18. Change for this evenings beer and steak supper
  19. On this Soggy Saturday RN issued 1999 CWC for me
  20. Not a bad drop of beer either , at 7.2 % your be seeing double very soon
  21. Sunday best 1992 16610 Submariner
  22. A watch that don’t look lost on my wrist
  23. Yema for that Sunday Cruse along the seafront
  24. Not had much time for watches lately or anything else as building work to the house has taken over but did manage to acquire this Strela 3017 arrow recently , been looking for a while and this one seemed to tick all the boxes , another space watch for the collection
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