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  1. Thankyou very much for the replies and information, here are images of another I have https://paste.pics/7O6M2 https://paste.pics/7O6MG Hope the links work, seems to be American if the label inside is correct (second image), any info much appreciated thanks, I have one more drop dial which I will upload a pic shortly. thanks, Andy.
  2. https://paste.pics/7O3TR i am really not sure if that link works to the image, if anyone could just confirm yes or no that would be great please, thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a couple of drop dial clocks I have been gifted a while ago and would really appreciate any information you might be able to supply on the clocks as I am a total newbie, They have been sitting in a cupboard until recently due to lack of time and they need some work, they seem to be cleaning up quite well. Thanks in advance, I am trying to work out how to load images as I have only joined today so please bare with me, the name on one of the clocks is Joseph Eley, Belper this is painted/written on the face.
  4. Hi, I’m Andy I have just joined today, I have a few old clocks and I am doing light restoration on a couple so I though I would join the forum for advice and guidance and to share my interest. thankyou
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