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  1. I'd add two other names to the list: 1. The mighty Nick Shabazz: 2. The lovely Jenni Elle:
  2. If we're looking at a cheaper chrono as an alternative to the Speedmaster, you could do a lot worse than a Sinn 103 tbh. Slightly above your price range, but not much. Heresy I know, but I think I actually prefer them to a Speedy.
  3. No, but they look pretty exceptional. Glashutte is not a brand I am familiar with at all - thanks v. much, another rabbit hole to go down!
  4. I don't mean it in a negative way. I'm generally a fan of more ascetic, stripped-back design, which I think is what the Pelagos is intended to be. And it carries it off beautifully imo, but it's not quite hitting the spot for me at the moment. The Alpina Seastrong is interesting, and I've never come across that before. But try as I might, I can't muster much enthusiasm for the Breitlings - I don't like the bezel & the dial looks too cluttered for me. I'm not wanting to go overly blingy (the whole idea is quite new for me tbh), but if there are any other obvious competitors to the
  5. Thanks all for the replies. I started out wanting a Black Bay (great watch but couldn't live with no date complication), moved onto a Pelagos (really liked at first, ended up feeling it was too stark), never took to Oris as a brand (appreciate they have good pieces, just never found one I love), have a long history with Longines & am seriously considering a moon phase down the line, Breitling Super Ocean is interesting though, checking it out as we speak. Really helpful though guys. Ideally someone will pop up with a nice PO at some point, but it's good to have options. Just to
  6. So I've been on the lookout for a nice 42mm PO, but there don't seem to be many around at the moment. Given that patience is not a strong point, I've also been considering a black SMPc, and it occurred to me to see if people have any suggestions for alternatives. In a departure from my normal preferences, I'm liking the slightly shiny/blingy appearance of the PO, and the nice glossy black dial of the SMPc. Something about this lockdown makes me want to buy a shiny object. Max budget £2.5k - any bright ideas for divers I've overlooked?
  7. Jari37


    Success! Thanks again @Roger the Dodger for the tips. Pic is of my Dad who died when I was a kid, but left me his battered gold Longines & an almost new Seiko. Neither still in my possession - I lost the Seiko & an evil ex-girlfriend ran off with the Longines - but they were enough to spark my interest. I've now replaced the boxy, slightly unloved Seiko with a sparkling new SARB033, and am bypassing Longines & going straight for a Black Bay or a Planet Ocean. Anyway, that's me.
  8. For that price, I'd be thinking about a second-hand Sinn of some sort - they're great watches & seem to lose a lot of value pre-owned for some reason. Saw a beautiful U1 for not much more than your budget, as well as a bunch of 104s & a beautiful 103 I just missed out on. Oris is a good shout, as is Glycine. Personally though, I'd be tempted to wait until you've got another grand, then get the Black Bay. I'm in a similar boat, but made a policy decision early on in my watch-buying career not to settle for a watch I don't really want. So this means it's got to be first choice
  9. 100%. I never went without growing up, but I also never had any of the fancy toys some of the other kids had. Didn't stop me craving the plasticky tat that was popular at the time - Big Trak anyone? To this day I don't know why I wanted this...
  10. I was not aware of this guy - amazing! Now going through his old videos. Thanks @WRENCH!
  11. It is indeed & as a fellow newbie, welcome to the Forum. They're surprisingly friendly here compared to pretty much any other forum I've been on.
  12. Mongoose! I've been trying to remember that name all week. For about a year of my life when I was approx. 8 years old, that was pretty much all I thought about. Oh my.
  13. Makes sense, even to someone like me, who is very much a non-engineer. Thanks for the explanation!
  14. The process is slightly wetter than I imagined, but fascinating nonetheless. Thanks OP!
  15. Never used them yet. I have ambitions to one day though, just biding my time.
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