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  1. Thank you all for your kind words. Gimli: I have spent a lot of time practicing and planning my engravings. I started by watching youtube videos, especially those by 'Shaun Hughes'. I then focused on drawing and learning the graver technique. Initially I made gifts for my friends and family (such as the one in the video that 'wrench' posted above. I now co-run a facebook group called 'Hand engraving for all' where we help people learn how to engrave and share our work. Alwayswatching: Yes stainless steel is a tricky metal to engrave. It leads to a lot of broken graver tips and resharpening. This piece took about 24 hours in total. Wrench: Yes that video is me in my first year of engraving. This is my most recent youtube channel/video = Caller: Yes I have engraved cases too.
  2. Hi everyone, this is my personal watch. I have been learning to hand engrave in my free time. It is an intricate art done under a microscope. I'm glad at how this Seiko 5 turned out . I hope you enjoy the pictures Seiko 5-11 by Vin Dhir, on Flickr Seiko 5-8 by Vin Dhir, on Flickr Seiko 5-6 by Vin Dhir, on Flickr Seiko 5-10 by Vin Dhir, on Flickr
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