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  1. Are there any Japanese watch brands outside of Casio, Citizen and Seiko that are good quality? Any new manufacturers? ...and Orient of course!
  2. I like it. It reminds me a bit of the Pepsi logo though!
  3. Not a shock but still so sad nonetheless. R.I.P.
  4. so it's not at all repairable with DIY? I might attempt something anyway...!
  5. So I just bought this old Casio on eBay and didn’t notice this until after...the watch is fully functional and looks in good condition apart from this on the back of the watch..is it likely it’s going to be corrosion, scratches or just dirt? I won’t receive it for a while so will be waiting on tenterhooks...!
  6. thank you for this! Yes the strap is not original, its stamped with "speidel usa" but looks pretty old also. I'm not too fussed about values as I intend to keep it anyway and wear it!...now if only I could figure out how to get the back off easily!
  7. I'm unsure whether this is a screw or snap type? How is best to remove this without scratching the watch? I wanted to ask before I attempted something stupid!
  8. something modern, the Bentley Continental GT rotating dashboard
  9. What are your favourite car interiors and dials? I love 80's digital dash design! I'll get the ball rolling with this analogue offering! The Lexus IS200/IS300 gauge cluster
  10. very nice indeed. perhaps you should participate in the rally with this watch
  11. Could anyone recommend some decent watch storage solutions? I like the look of the genuine Casio stands but the prices on eBay are crazy...you can literally buy a new watch with the stand for not much more! Or perhaps a windowed display case/organiser? Any recommendations? Thanks!
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