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  1. Recently purchased a rare Casio soccer timer watch, it was found in a loft and hasn't been used for years. It looks to be in mint condition but I put a battery in, it fired up but is very glitchy. At first the buttons were all working then they suddenly stopped functioning, meaning that the watch is just stuck telling the wrong time. I tried resetting it but then it showed a weird time as 13:80! Is it knackered?
  2. Does anyone know where to purchase digital watch buttons and pushers? Quite a few of my old digital watches have buttons that could do with swapping..
  3. There are big price differences in nato straps, are the budget ones as seen on ebay any good? Are the cousins ones good?
  4. look for the ones with 2623.H stamped on the movement as these are the original ones and not a replica someone has made
  5. yeah the date is moving fine when adjusting, phew!
  6. I changed the date on my new Timex chronograph when it was between 11pm and 3am which it says not to do on the instructions...how likely is it it that i've damaged it? It didn't let me put the date back, only forward when I did it..
  7. I found the manual but it appears the moon phase is faulty it's not moving when I adjust
  8. I recently acquired a Casio Sting Moon Phase watch and am wondering if it's not working? One click of the crown and I can set the month and date by turning clockwise, and if I turn anti clockwise I can set the day of the week. Two clicks and I can set the time, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to set the moon phase. There are no manuals online as it's quite an obscure watch..any ideas?!
  9. if it really doesn't work and you don't want to spend too much on it, why not try to service it yourself?
  10. an update, got the back off the watch (I bought some decent tools for watch repairs) and it's now fully functional again! the pendulum screw had come loose and was inside the watch, managed to get it out and put it back where it belonged! also bought a lovely brown vegan leather strap and will be wearing it daily now
  11. are you mad? of course it's Hitler!
  12. so it arrived today, I prefer the strap in real life - also the watch feels solid and the buttons have a nice feel. i'm hesitant to upload a wrist pic though because I have very small wrists
  13. yeah I was thinking of swapping the strap, what do you think would suit it best? metal or leather?
  14. My first "new" watch purchase in a long time..a Braun BN0076, the remake of the 1970s DW30 watch! I thought for a fraction of the price of the original i'd pick one up as I love the design! Will update with pics once it arrives!
  15. off topic but I love your avatar...Catterick is a great show!
  16. the greatest Soviet car and one day I will get one..
  17. I don't know if you noticed but I did actually put this as my profile pic for a day..i've changed it to Minnie the Minx now..
  18. So this is my first "big" watch purchase, a Casio AX-210! The pictures don't do it justice and the black dot on the screen is just a reflection thankfully lol! It all appears to be fully functional apart from the buttons seem to stick and the time adjust button won't budge after you push it..is this a simple repair or should I get someone to look at it?
  19. never heard of them but now am very interested and will be shortly browsing a certain auction site looking for one lol!
  20. not a gif but it moves......
  21. currently watching The Bodyguard on Netflix. can't believe I missed this when it was first aired!
  22. I could post a thousand 70s and 80s disco songs that I love, this is one of my favourites [
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