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  1. I really like that yellow and blue one..what's the model number for that? thanks
  2. Does anyone know what would cause the hands to move around perfectly when adjusting with the crown but when the watch is running only the second hand moves and nothing else? Seems very odd that they all move when adjusting..
  3. can you explain to me how to open it? I still haven't been able to
  4. there's no way I could open it with the state it was in
  5. so this is after an initial dip in some rust remover gel, and a good scrub - it resembles metal again and not a ball of rust at least..will let it soak some more overnight.. next thing i'll do is figure out how to open it to see what state the movement is in...
  6. because they're just cheap components and movements with a fancy badge stuck on them basically
  7. I have some rust removing solution now, I will update this thread with pictures of post rust treatment..it's all a bit of fun :D
  8. I have pretty small wrists and i've ended up buying watches that look ridiculous on me but I can't help myself sometimes..is that ridiculous enough
  9. This was amongst a pile of old watchmaking tools from the 1920s and 1930s that I picked up recently. How would I go about removing this rust? How do I open the back to see the state of the movement? It's pretty severely damaged but seems like it could be a fun project
  10. How on earth do you get a stubborn snapback off without making any marks or scratches? I had a cheapo tool which I upgraded to an official Seiko snapback opener but it's still the same! They're either too stiff or the blade just sort of slices into the watch and doesn't open it.. This is the tool i'm using now..
  11. Can someone help me out here? I have a retro Casio AE-30 and there's no sound. I tried putting a small spring in the hole circled but still no alarm sound. Where should the spring go? Thanks thanks!
  12. just seen your one on the movement thread...I love the strap you have on it...any more pics?
  13. I should have taken a picture when I changed the battery and fitted a fresh gasket yesterday! I'll see what I can do ;) I don't know if anyone else has noticed but on the dial near the 1 there's a mark on the edge of the dial..apart from that the watch is very clean..is it dirt do you reckon? I would have thought if it was rust or corrosion there'd be evidence of it inside or outside the watch but it's very clean apart from that..
  14. Seiko Elnix with the original bracelet. Keeps time beautifully, i'm in love! Second picture makes it look like back has been polished within an inch of it's life but it's just the blur on the camera lol!
  15. Recently purchased a rare Casio soccer timer watch, it was found in a loft and hasn't been used for years. It looks to be in mint condition but I put a battery in, it fired up but is very glitchy. At first the buttons were all working then they suddenly stopped functioning, meaning that the watch is just stuck telling the wrong time. I tried resetting it but then it showed a weird time as 13:80! Is it knackered?
  16. Does anyone know where to purchase digital watch buttons and pushers? Quite a few of my old digital watches have buttons that could do with swapping..
  17. There are big price differences in nato straps, are the budget ones as seen on ebay any good? Are the cousins ones good?
  18. look for the ones with 2623.H stamped on the movement as these are the original ones and not a replica someone has made
  19. yeah the date is moving fine when adjusting, phew!
  20. I changed the date on my new Timex chronograph when it was between 11pm and 3am which it says not to do on the instructions...how likely is it it that i've damaged it? It didn't let me put the date back, only forward when I did it..
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