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  1. Oh! That's not good to hear! I've just bought a hand winder with a Sellita movement! Can you enlighten us to your woes?
  2. I've been browsing their sit and quite like what they sell. The Deck Watch is nice with the sub seconds dial and I also like their 1950-3 model https://www.archimede-watches.com/1950-s/1950-3/ can be specified as a hand wind watch, which also appeals to me.
  3. That’s nice - is that one of the original ones? I bought this one a while back which I really like. I use the supplied rubber strap which is good but I quiet fancy trying a strap that is slightly thinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Paul that great - an update would be good - we all love a bargain and I too am tempted by the 5x strap deal!
  5. I've been considering ordering a few straps form them. Did you have to pay duty and/or handling fees on them?
  6. That brought a smile to my face!
  7. I like these and had one - a standard G10 (not an issued one) for a few years. It's small but you soon become used to it and I think is a classic. The only downside in my mind is that the water resistance is only 50 metres and thats why I sold it as I wanted as a rugged go anywhere (in the water) piece. If you like that sort of thing the better option might be the G10 sapphire which as the name suggests has a sapphire crystal and 200m water resistance. I'm fighting the urge to buy one myself at the moment!
  8. A great character! He was doing the commentaries when I first started following F1. I quickly grew to really enjoying his descriptions of the action on and off the track. The BBC have done a nice obituary - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/56355693
  9. Thanks for the link - I haven't seen it but will deffo start watching. It's funny - I've come from a very alpha male/don't show you emotions environment and when I watch and hear these back stories in programmes like this I often feel a little tear building. I never cry tho - cos that's just not manly, is it?!! I'm such a wuss really................
  10. Yes - I'd be interested to know the make of the watch. I thought that the strap was fit for the bin but to be fair I don't have the imagination to come up with the solution that the repairer made in the end!
  11. I enjoy watching this program but I thought last nights episode was great. For those that have not seen it - It featured the repair of a family heirloom piece that belonged to WW1 British soldier. I'm not sure what the watch was but there was a great back story to how the watch was stolen and found again. I'm a romantic old soul and love stories like that! I would have liked to have seen a bit more footage of the actual repair but I suspect that would have been really boring to other viewers who are not watch 'nerds' like us!
  12. This is interesting to know. I quite fancy something like a Scuba Dude to use on holiday (should that ever happen again!) I camp and have fairly active holidays so I would like something a bit robust. The investment isn't going to break the bank should it get damaged or lost. I know I could probably buy a watch from Steel dive or any number of other makers that would do the job very well for similar money but I quite like the character of these Soviet watches.
  13. These are rather nice. I'm going backwards and forwards at the moment between a black faced one or the PRS 29 military piece. I see that the Navigator is a tad more expensive and like you I initially didn't like the cut off hour hand but it too is growing on me. I think I like it as it's a bit different.
  14. I like that a lot! I had my eye on a second hand last week one but I procrastinated too long and someone else bought it. Looks good on the Nato. I know it's a Seiko 5 but I think it would look even better without the day/date complication. Nice!
  15. Yes, I watched it. Like a lot of these shows, I think as long as you keep in mind that is very staged it was OK. I didn't know about the watch mentioned but a quick google showed it be an expensive piece. Same with the young chap with the Lambo. All of the 'customers' should definitely take other advice before selling to those pawn shops.
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