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  1. Thanks for the pics - a good comparison. To be honest I think they both look nice but I am definitely drawn to the Precista because of the better specification and I really like the Broad Arrow on the dial!
  2. Good write up and very handy and timely, for me, as I am looking to buy a PRS10. Interesting to hear the thoughts of someone who has owned both the CWC G10 and the PRS10 and has used it in active service. I have weighed in on another thread here about opinions of the PRS v CWC but yours is also helpful. I owned a CWC G10 and whilst I liked it I though it was a little to small and have been told that PRS wears a little bigger than the specs suggest. I also like the general spec of the PRS over the CWC in relation to water resistance. I also looked at the CWC G10 sapphire which is more of the same but the price at £299 put me off. Annoyingly for me I missed the Timefactors opening yesterday so will have to wait for a couple of weeks until the shop reopens!
  3. Ha! that's funny! I've heard that happens and people buy, sell and then regret. I have just set up an alert and will try and bide my time until one pops up. That's what I did to get my Scurfa and got it for a good price. I understand a few do pop up on the sales corners on various watch forums but as a new member I don't have the 'rights' to view for a while. Oh, well! Out of interest what particularly do you like about them so much and why do you keep selling them (I'm guessing that it's what happens when this hobby draws you in!) Thanks
  4. That's really interesting to hear especially as you have owned them for so long. I am after a watch that I can buy, use every day and keep. I want a quartz as I already have a nice automatic and do not want to have large collection. Having had some time to reflect on a new watch I think I do like the Precista PRS G10. Having said that I looked at the CWC RN Diver some 5 years ago and wanted one then but discounted it because of the price which at the time I believed to be much for me. I should have got one then as I think the prices have gone up. When I sold my CWC G10 I had another look at the RN model but instead purchased a pre owned Scurfa Diver which has a similar look and great quality. I really like it and the backstory that comes with it. I guess that's why I like the CWC as it has great history and although I haven't held one in my hands I believe to be of equal quality to the Scurfa. I didn't think I could afford one, but the more I think about it, the more I would like an RN Diver. I think I'm doing what a lot of people do - I've found a watch (or you could insert anything or any item here) that I like the look of and then search for the opinions that suit my decision! Probably, for me, I should get the one I really want and to help ease the purchase/price pain I should try and source one on the second hand market - although I see CWC are offering 0% credit payments! Eeek!
  5. Yes I thought my CWC G10 was on the small size but I rather liked the simpleness and neatness of it - but I can see how one might struggle with the smaller dial. I have a 7 inch wrist and I tend to prefer slightly smaller size watches anyway - maybe up to about 40mm is good for me.
  6. A very good point! And the problem, that I have is that, I often compromise my choices because of my 'limited' budget at that point in time and then regretted my purchase because it wasn't really what I wanted and kicked myself for not hanging on and saving a bit more for the item that I really wanted! I am learning though! In this case - I really like the Timefactors Smiths PRS 29 homage at £400 but it's a bit too much, the CWC G10 £299 a bit less and the Precista G10 at £195 seems to be calling to me! Decisions, eh?! I agree about the water resistance - 100m is fine for my use. I must say that the Precista is probably my choice at the moment and on reflection your comment about that particular G10 being slightly 'rarer' has a certain appeal. I love it when you can find a reason to suit your decision/choice/arguement! I listened to the CWC part in that pod cast that you posted earlier and I like the idea of maybe owning an 'issued' CWC. I see the RN divers are £££'s though. There was a fairly used but 'issued' CWC G10 on Ebay last week which the seller described as his own issued watch with a photo of one of his medals that was not included (Gulf conflict I think) that I was watching. Unfortunately I missed the end of the auction but that was quiet nice.
  7. Coincidentally I have been thinking the same thing! This is my first post on here but I have been lurking on this forum (and others) for a short while as I'm new to the hobby! I am interested in military and military style watches. I purchased a new CWC G10 from Silvermans in 2016. It was an every day watch for me. I liked it and its 'historical connection' but despite its slim profile found that I was catching the crystal and marking it more than I would have liked so recently sold it. Because CWC have put up their prices and was fortunate to get what I paid for it but once it had gone to a new home I immediately missed owning it! Oh well! My thoughts turned to buying one of the newer CWC G10's with a a sapphire crystal as the specs are good but what has made me pause is the £299 price tag! Like you, I then looked at Precista and I like the PRS10 which on paper (and from reviews) is a similar spec watch albeit with 100m water resistance as opposed to CWC's 200m. So cynically, I'm thinking I'm paying £100 per foot of extra water resistance for the CWC! I will be buying one of them but at the moment my dilemma is - I will have to wait for Timefactors to re open the shop and in the meantime ponder over if I should save my money with a Precista or save up some more and buy a CWC now! As a newbie - I sort of feel that CWC have a stonger/longer historic connection than Precista as I think they only supplied the MoD for a shorter time or am I wrong? - what do you think? I would love a Smiths PRS 29 but that is out of my budget at this moment.
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