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  1. Thanks - I think I need to do some research! So many to chose from although I saw a couple that I liked but were out of stock!
  2. Is it a ‘standard’ model scuba dude or do you think it’s a modified one? I don’t think I have the skills to mod one so would be good to be able to buy and wear! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. +1 from me. I think the watch in first picture (the run Chronograph?) in the OP's link was the original design that has 'inspired' the designs. Why not make one like that with no date? Or maybe, a black faced one - again with no date - nice!
  4. I'm glad you purchased that - I was deliberating on it, so whilst disappointed, you saved me some money! Nice watch and the exhibition case with movement is great!
  5. I’m very new to this hobby but I’ve always like the idea of a manual wound watch and to the end recently purchased a Smiths PRS29 military. Time factors now put a Selitta movement as I understand that the previous ETA was becoming harder to source. I really like it but I’m worried about overwinding it! I’ve been assured that you wind until you feel resistance and that’s what I do every morning- a nice little ritual for me![emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @Craftycockney Thanks again! I'll have a look for a second hand one but failing that maybe a new one. Good tip re the pre cut foam - as you say - its not shown on their site. Thanks for the info on the watches as well.
  7. @Craftycockney Thanks! I quite like the fact that the Case Farm ones come with the the cut outs pre done and the watch cushions included. I have looked at buying the Peli Case separately and then add the 'pick and pluck' foam, etc but it seems to work out at the same sort of money. The Case Farm one means that I won't make a hash go making my own watch slots!! On a different note - nice collection! Is the Alpina an 'older' piece - I can't see it on their website. Also, what is the one at the bottom right?
  8. I know, I know - it was always going to be a risky subject .............. Only 6 watches may prove to be a problem as I don't even own a Vostok, yet! And apparently you have to have several of them...................!
  9. I'm thinking of getting Peli case to keep my watches in. Strange, on a watch forum, I know, but I have limited myself to only owning 6 watches. Three are lifetime keepers and the other 3 have potential to be changed. I don't particularly want to have them in a display case. To that end, I thought a 6 watch case like this one from The Case Farm might do the job. https://www.thecasefarm.co.uk/shop/cases/watch/peli-6x-watch-case/ Has anyone had/have on and what did you think of it as a storage option? Thanks
  10. I have used one of these in the gym for years. Lost the first one so got another. I mainly use it to time my rest periods during my workout - as a stopwatch. Like most of these digital watches I can never work out which button to press, and in which combination, to change the time so for half the year it's an hour out I have used one of these in the gym for years. Lost the first one so got another. I mainly use it to time my rest periods during my workout - as a stopwatch. Like most of these digital watches I can never work out which button to press, and in which combination, to change the time so for half the year it's an hour out
  11. Your story at the market made me laugh so much!! Luckily you know/knew him but I can well imagine the scene - an Inspector Clouseau (or more recently a Mr Bean) moment I think! Be sure to let us know when you next go shopping!
  12. Aaah! I see that now - many thanks - I'll have a poke with a stick!
  13. Am I correct in thinking that I’m order to release the battery I need to release the small screw to the right of the actual battery? To me , it looks like the small metal tang with the hole in it is holding it in place? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. @PaulBoy That looks good! I think I will try some of those CNS as they don't appear to be too expensive. Maybe get a selection as Ithink they do an offer if you buy several. What is the watch?
  15. Thanks @JoT Not seen that before and as you say looks easy to use - pop the seal in, give it twist and refit to watch Excellent! I hadn't thought of replacing the seal to be honest but I see, in the link you gave me, that Amazon have neatly bundled a package of silicon and gaskets as a suggested purchase!!
  16. Newbie question alert!! My Scurfa Diver One stopped working so I'm guessing that I need a new battery. I have some basic tools so removed the case back and I see that it has a Renata 371 battery fitted. I'm assuming that it is the original battery so it makes sense to replace with another one. With regard to the case back seal - Having done a little searching, I see some people recommend using some sort of seal lube (?) on reassembly to ensure the watches water resistance. Is this good practice or should I just turn the case back up nice and tight? The seal and inside surfaces look bone dry to me when I opened up the back. Thanks
  17. I have. Gaggia Classic which I quiet like but most days I used my Atomic. I initially purchased it to use in my old camper van but it has become my favourite. Easy to use and froths milk rather well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Both great bikes! My very first bike was a black 250 Super Dream. I had never ridden a bike before but my mate had a Norton Commando and riding pillion on his bike made me want to buy buy a bike asap! I remember going to a main Honda dealer called Rex Judd on the Edgware Road and seeing the Super Dream and putting a deposit on one there and then. Many people rated the 250 RS as a better bike but I always thought the Dream had a better size to it. I borrowed the money which I think was about £900. When the time came to collect it, as I couldn't ride (didn't know how to!), my mate had to ride it from the showroom with me as a pillion to my house! He then set out to teach me to ride by standing on the street corner and making me ride around the block shouting instruction at me as I passed! I fell off at the very first right turn - broke a mirror and scratched the silencer!! Un fazed I pressed on and within a few days I was off and away.......................! If I didn't have other bikes (or more importantly the required permissions!) I'd buy that from you now for the nostalgia rush!
  19. I'm the same! I like military/military style watches and I see a lot of people post photos of pieces on bund straps. I think they are ugly. I have to confess as a young child I was given a watch (Timex I think) and it was on a bund strap - at the time I though was very cool but have since changed my tastes! They probably look good on with a genuine WWW watch but I'm not convinced.
  20. I don't have many watches and have only purchased and sold a handful but I keep everything. Not for everyone, but I've found over the years of buying and selling stuff that when I sell things at a later date, many people quite like receiving their 'second hand goods' in the original packaging. Not really an issue with small things like watches but with larger items it's really useful and much easier for posting! I've recently sold some old hi fi (about 30 years old) and I still had all the original packaging in the attic - so much easier.
  21. Oh! That's not good to hear! I've just bought a hand winder with a Sellita movement! Can you enlighten us to your woes?
  22. I've been browsing their sit and quite like what they sell. The Deck Watch is nice with the sub seconds dial and I also like their 1950-3 model https://www.archimede-watches.com/1950-s/1950-3/ can be specified as a hand wind watch, which also appeals to me.
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