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  1. I watched it last night too , his watch seemed to to switch from left to right wrists . Or was it my imagination lol Don
  2. Thank you for your replies and advice , much appreciated . I kind of thought it would be a not to difficult decision buying a watch ! How wrong was I .
  3. Hi everyone , my first watch related post . Doing some searching for a watch around the £500.00 mark I stumbled across a T-watch scuba which caught my eye . So does anyone own one and if so what are they like . Or should my budget for a fisrt time in many years be looking at something else Many thanks for now Don
  4. Hi , Vin . Yes BSA and Webley made some fine rifles . I have owned many Webley and BSA Air rifles over the years . I used to be a bit of a collector myself , life and things change so I/we move on lol Don
  5. Thanks , the username came from the BSA rifles that I used to shoot . I can remember my Dad having a few BSA motorcycles many moons ago though
  6. Hello all , a complete novice at the age of 55 here in watch ownership . I have enjoyed reading many threads from members here and you have really got me champing at the bit . I don't own a watch for many years and even then it wouldn't have been anything special and that was back in the 1980's . My passion was building/restoring 1980's Yamaha 2 stroke motorcycles , those days are over due to an accident so I am contemplating my next hobby which is looking to be watches Thanks for letting me join the forum Don
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