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  1. Next on my wish list i s a one hander , they intrigue me Don
  2. I would sooner listen to the esteemed members views of this forum Don
  3. Lovely watch we also have that same OXO tin with all our 4 childrens umbilical cord clamps inside ! Don't ask
  4. Thanks for that , I have spinal stenosis and suffer with arthritis in my right hand due to an injury partially severing my right hand 6 years ago . I suffer daily . I take strong painkillers , amytryptylyne and still no relief . GP's are a waste of time . I have had 5 nerve root injections and epidural jabs . No joy at all . I have come to live with the pain . I am looking at alternative treatments as I type Don
  5. Plug pulled , my Birthday next week and a treat to myself . Don
  6. Very tempting , been mulling over this today Don
  7. This afternoon And this mornings squeeze
  8. I couldn't possibly advise you on choices , but I do hope your well and not in too much pain matey Best wishes Don
  9. Very nice , I do like a Blue watch .
  10. Yep all very nice watches , I do like the Kingsbury and Bulova which I would keep from the list of disposals Don
  11. I have an Armani , but I don't like it lol . Was gifted to me a few years back Don Old on I will het a pic Looksie , maybe i'm being a bit picky for the day lol
  12. Like that , with my Scottish heritage an all , Thanks to my Grandpa Johnny , Jock Buddy Don Been looking at the Bambino's . Thanks for the linky Don
  13. Looking for a sub £200 dress watch for the above . Been invited for the day , and my first thougts were , what watch .... Don
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