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  1. Plenty of love for this watch brand, simply because my Grandad loved the brand. Decided to wear this rare Avia Submariner 197102 which I recently purchased from Spain for €50. I have posted here in Post 1990's presuming this is where this watch belongs.
  2. Not had a weekend off for a few weeks so today is the First Omega In Space Numbered Edition. Not sure how many Omega are planning to produce but this one is the 13,000's.
  3. Not worn for a few weeks.. Rado True Automatic Open Heart R27510152
  4. New member here and Avia brought me here. Such an interesting read from a company I knew nothing about till recently. I found out about Avia through my Dad after expressing interest in watches my late Grandfather liked, I later found out there was an Avia still in the family and asked for photos and model number. After searching through the internet for a while I managed to come across the exact watch in Spain on eBay winning at €26, a beautiful 1950's Avia 4287 which is in better condition than my Grandfathers. Since then I have found interest for a watch brand I really knew nothing about and find myself most days searching through eBay for anything interesting and there is a few I am certainly interested in such as the Landeron 248 Chronograph. I have just recently purchased and waiting for delivery from Spain of an Avia Submariner which apparently are rare in the UK, any info on this watch would be grateful with image below. Is this watch genuine? it looks it to me after finding other previous sales online.
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