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  1. hi :) I need to buy just a bezel of Seiko SRP51k1 4635-01V0 got a little scratched and my heart hurts when I look at it Do you know where I can buy not for millions?
  2. maybe I will be lucky and buy it at a good price some day! If anyone finds something let me know what are the differences between z451 and z452?
  3. Fokus


    Och thank you so much it's very nice!
  4. Sometimes there are occasions on ebay for around 300 $ but I never managed to buy one. Chrono indeed expensive
  5. Fokus


    Ty Always! watches are my nuisance. I managed to quit smoking, but my passion for watches is incurable And I feel good with hihi
  6. Fokus


    Hi Nigelp! Yes, but I only have Seiko Samurai SRPPB51, my favorite Diver. I sold others. I had a few years break, now I'm back to my passion, and in love with vitange watches for suits. I'm trying to buy Tissot Heritage Sovereign or something like that
  7. After many years, I returned to my interest in watches. I want to buy Tissot Heritage Sovereign. That was my first thought. Do you think it's a good watch? Does glass get scratched from looking? ;) Where can I buy it? Very few offers
  8. Fokus


    Hi to all. I'm new, I'm glad to be here. Greetings to all
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