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  1. A German Kered today after yesterday's Japanese one.
  2. Kered advert from 1962 and pretty much the same watch. This advert is clearly directed at trade buyers, not the public.
  3. A Kered, or is it? "Turning Japanese, I think it's turning Japanese, I really think so."
  4. Our magnolia is just coming back into flower.
  5. My late Dad's Seiko 5 today.
  6. Many thanks to @Always"watching" and @Karrusel for their useful information about the watch's probable origins and safety advice. Much appreciated.
  7. As well as my mysterious Apero watch I find myself with a Sagara watch. Looks 1940's to me. Swiss made with a ca. 25mm diameter 15-jewel movement. There's no maker's stamp as far as I can see, but there's what looks like an added later "W" or "M" engraved on the movement. The case back is pitted/textured to the extreme and looks like the dial of the Grand Seiko Snowflake on steroids! The inside of the case back has lots of servicing marks. Winds and runs smoothly. Any thoughts about this one?
  8. 1950's Kered bought recently. Tatty chrome-plated case to go with the one I have with a tatty gold-plated case.
  9. Not got one but they do look tempting, especially as they are down to less than £300. Here's a review from WatchGecko: https://www.watchgecko.com/the-marloe-morar-sands-review/
  10. Beater? Casio MDV106-1A Marlin. £50 from Amazon.
  11. 1940's/50's APERO with a Swiss movement marked "Basis Watch". Needs a clean mind...
  12. Perhaps I have no taste, but I quite like it!
  13. One way to get a value is to try and find similar watches on auction sites such as ebay and to see what they sold for. You can use postimages.org to post images on this forum. Choose your image, copy the link and then paste the link into your forum Reply.
  14. Got this watch with three others, one a Kered I wanted. Never seen this name before, and as far I can see it 's not a common brand. It has the look of the 40's/50's to me. The movement and the caseback inside face are stamped "Basis watch". Anyone got any info about the company and the movement?
  15. Today I will mostly be wearing my new, but soon to be sold, Dulux. On the subject of paint brands and watches, I suppose it has a Crown, and I wonder if there is a watch brand called Farrow? That way we could have Farrow and Ball!
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