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  1. Honestly, you wait for ages for a Kered with a non-French movement to come along and then another Swiss one comes along immediately afterwards!
  2. A friend at college in the 70's had a tuning fork Accutron, and I was very sensitive to the hum; it set my teeth on edge! He used to sit next to me just to see my reaction.
  3. A Swiss-made Kered, which makes a change from all the French ones... I really do need to get a new strap!
  4. My dressiest Kered today. Well, it is Sunday!
  5. My dressiest Kered today. I've seen very few Kered with square cases, and the black dial is rare too.
  6. I also don't know how to add an image directly, but you can use postimage which works very well. https://postimages.org/ It's pretty self-explanatory. The experts on here might well ask for a shot of the movement. Only try this if you are confident in removing (and replacing), the case back without damage. If you aren't then find a friendly jeweller who can pop the case back off so you can photograph it then get them to pop it back on.
  7. I've got a 1972 Seiko 5 automatic with the Seiko logo at 9 o'clock rather than the more normal 12 o'clock. Not knowing that much about the subject, I was wondering if that logo positioning is/was common with Seikos? I've had a look via Google and it doesn't seem to be that common. I know that there are those who don't like the Christopher Ward watches with the logo at 9 o'clock.
  8. My late Dad's 1972 Seiko 5 automatic with a 6119 movement, and no I can't be bothered to set the day and date! The only Seiko I have that has a Seiko logo on the dial.
  9. June 1965 Seiko Sportsmatic Calendar masquerading as a Kered.
  10. My 1965 Sportsmatic Calendar with a Kered-badged dial.
  11. In all my excitement about getting my recent Kered/Seiko with box and papers I had forgotten about this one! It's a June 1965 Seiko Sportsmatic Calendar badged as a Kered on the dial but saying Seiko on the case back. My other Kered/Seikos say "Diashock" on the dial whereas this one says "Shock protected". Why can't they be consistent!
  12. My Seiko Kered cleaned up nicely and the new blue strap makes it look elegant I think. I've also got some Kereds with Swiss movements too. I think Mr Braham just went where he could get the best deal at the time. I've got a Kered just like that advert!
  13. I've got two Kered-badged Sportsman Calendar watches; one gold plated and one chrome. I've also got a Sportsman with no date window. Rare than the Seiko-badged ones I think.
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