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  1. Shouldn't the men's stuff be called Hismes?
  2. Another vote for the blue Casio Duro.
  3. Nice, but the OCD in me just would not be able to cope with all those cut off numbers so there could be sub dials.
  4. North of 30. Most are Kereds as I am a Derek and the backwards name thing appeals. My accumulation of Kereds has slowed somewhat. Nowadays I say, "I've got that one" most of the time. Couple of CWs, a TAG, a Seiko and a Mondaine.
  5. Black dial Kereds. Most Kereds I've seen have white/cream dials. The square case/Swiss movement, and 21-jewel German movement in the round one seem to be rare too.
  6. My Dad's July 1972 Seiko 5 with a 6119C movement.
  7. My Tag-er Woods Pro golf watch. I don't play golf... Got it out of the box to change the time and saw it need a new battery, so it's out with the tiny screwdriver again!
  8. Super clean Seiko pretending to be a Kered.
  9. Might give this a spin today too.
  10. A run out for my 1964 Seiko Sportsman masquerading as a Kered. Box and papers came with this one.
  11. My Mum's Avia Olympic watch with a Felsa 4023 movement. Probably from the 60's/70's. My Mum died nearly 10 years ago and she hadn't used it for decades before that, so I was not surprised to see it wouldn't run. I twisted it gently to get the balance wheel to spin and it ran for a few seconds. I kept doing that for about half an hour and most times it ran for a bit longer. Eventually it ran for a hour, then longer, and then it just kept going. It's now running OK. Loses a few minutes a day, but that's not a surprise.
  12. French Sefea 50 in a non-underlined logo Kered. ID'ed in minutes by RoddyJB when I queried what it was. Thanks!
  13. Just got this non-working Kered. Non-underlined logo which makes me think it's German rather than French. Dial says "Foreign" so it's not Swiss. Ideas as to what movement this is? I'm at the limits of my knowledge. It's marked as a "50" under the balance wheel. Centre seconds.
  14. Felsa F4023 in my Mum's old Avia Olympic watch.
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