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  1. @spinynorman Thanks for your research. Yes, that looks very possible. Tantalising!
  2. "It is ugly and cheap, but still able to work for several years" Just like me!
  3. I have a brass-cased pocket watch that used to say "Railway Timekeeper" on the dial. Long story, but someone polished it off! You can just about make it out if you look hard. It's got a Swiss movement made by "JF". The case is stamped "JF" too. Any ideas as to who that is, and when it might have been made?
  4. Yep, I've got one like that too!
  5. Thanks to @spinynorman and @Always"watching" for your useful replies.
  6. I have this pocket watch that I know very little about. It's got a steel case and is about 65mm diameter at its biggest. It has no maker's marks other than the number "256" on the case. It has French/English adjustment initials but that's about all. Any ideas as to date and country of manufacture?
  7. I have done a search on Raffnt, and think it's a Femga 45.
  8. Here's a better image of the movement.
  9. Thanks @Always"watching". I've got quite a few Kereds now, and have tried to gather together any info about them that I can. I think I've seen that thread. Here's a shot of the movement from the original listing. Any ideas as to origin? My Kereds have French, German, Swiss and even Japanese movements. Yes, the lugs are bent. I think they might break if I try and straighten them. Cheers.
  10. Derrick Braham. Brother of Louis Braham.
  11. I have just bought this Kered on eBay. It's very small indeed. My question is who was the watch made for? is it a girl's watch? It seems too small for a ladies' watch. The lucky horseshoe made me think of a charm bracelet. It's small enough to fit a charm bracelet but has two lugs, so it looks like it used a strap. Thoughts?
  12. Form the London Gazette 27 April 1948 NOTICE is hereby given that by a deed poll dated the 21st February 1948 and enrolled in the. Supreme Court of Judicature on the 23rd February 1948 I,LOUIS BRAHAM of r8 Dunstan Road, Golders Green, London, N.W 11, a naturalised British subject, abandoned the surname of Abramovitcb and adopted, the surname of Braham —Dated 22nd day of April, 1948 (0311) LOUIS BRAHAM I wonder if it's the same Louis Braham as the one of Kered fame?
  13. You wait for ages for a German movement Kered to turn up then two turn up together! This is, as far as I can tell, the automatic version of the HB111. The automatic HB112 on Ranftt is 25 jewels not 17, so I reckon it's an early HB112 from the early 60's. Not running unfortunately. Thanks for the info on the Swiss "boys" watch.
  14. Perhaps this Derrick watch might help with dating? Looks more 40's than 50's to me. It's what I would call a "boy's watch" as it is quite small. Still managed to squeeze in a subsidiary seconds hand though. I don't know anything about the movement other than it's Swiss and 15-jewels. Nice bit of engine turning inside the case back. Derrick branded movement.
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