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  1. Being of a certain age, I only think of "Adam Adamant Lives!", a TV series from the 60's.
  2. A bit of Googling appears to indicate that Omega would charge £450 to service it. "Uninteresting" watches might well be interesting to the forum members here!
  3. I like it. Nice simple looking watch. You won't get any valuation info from anyone on this site. The usual suggestion is to look at auction sites and see what similar watches have sold for. You may get info on servicing such a watch though.
  4. Blimey! I like all of the preceding watches. Thanks folks. Here's my humble Mondaine offering. I must pop the back sometime to see what's in it.
  5. Thanks for the name check! Like the Relliac too.
  6. Many. many, years ago my mate had an Omega. It was running OK, but he wanted to get it serviced. He contacted Omega and they said it would be 6 weeks. He didn't want to be without his watch for that long so he said, "Put a note on the "watches to be serviced" shelf and call me when it's the next but one to be serviced. I'll then bring it in." They absolutely refused to play that game, so he was without it for ages.
  7. If you fancy getting a cheaper watch to practice strap changing on there's a nice Casio Marlin. Might be fun with a blue strap instead of the black one? https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/casio-duro-dive-watch-mdv106-1a
  8. Square Tag Professional Golf watch. What! Not a Kered?
  9. In the mid-1980's I went on holiday to Soviet Central Asia with Clive Sinclair's ex-wife*. She explained they had had a divorce party that cost £25K. * To be accurate, and for the avoidance of doubt, I went with my then girlfriend and two friends. Ann was part of the rest of the group on the tour.
  10. Today I'll be wearing my Timex Marquette. 1950's with an M21 movement. I previously identified this as a Monroe but, having done yet more research, the Monroe is much squarer.
  11. That's all true, but the guy was, sadly, offering neither scenario. Yes, a nearby watch repairer would be handy!
  12. I asked an eBay seller about the meaning of "serviced" for a watch I was looking at, and it was effectively just a clean and polish of the outside. That's like taking your car to be serviced and them only doing the valet.
  13. My best buy? Easy. It's the solid 9K gold Kered that cost me £18. Didn't know it was gold when I bought it, so that was a nice bonus. It means you have a watch for every day of the week and twice on Sunday!
  14. A rectangular Timex Monroe and some Square Kereds.
  15. Once I've popped the bracelet back on it'll be a Pre-1963 Timex Monroe with a Timex M22 movement.
  16. Morning. Today it'll be my Dad's Seiko 5.
  17. Sadly not. I'm concentrating on Kereds, so the Timexes and the Maritime Special will be going on eBay.
  18. Thanks! Took a bit of Googling and reading to say the least. The other Timex that came with the square Kered is a Monroe from the same period; pre-63 and also with an M22. I took one end of the bracelet off so I could remove the back.
  19. Might this help with dating it? "Most (possibly all) mechanical Timex watches from 1963 until the end of mechanical production in 1993 have a reference number, usually at the bottom of the dial. The last two numbers correspond to the year the watch was produced. The two (occasionally 3) numbers before that are the movement number, the remaining numbers are the catalog number. For example, 2495210592 would indicate catalog number 24952, movement 105, year 1992. In some cases this number is hidden under the bezel and cannot be viewed without removing the movement from the case." From this site. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Budget_Watch_Collecting/Timex_date_codes
  20. EDIT: After even more research my conclusion is it's a pre-1963 Marlin watch. The dial base numbers appeared in 1963, so it must be pre-63 as it has no numbers. The M22 appeared in 1960, and it has an M22, so it must be between 1960 and 1963.
  21. I've determined, I think, that it's actually a Marlin after all. Probably pre-1963 as it has no numbers.
  22. Not sure it's a stunner, but it does have "character" German case and a German 21-jewel HB 111 movement. Kered's homage to that elegant Omega? It's from around the same time. For those who don't run to an Omega...
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