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  1. 1963 Seagull on light brown leather strap today. The ticking is so loud that, sitting in the quiet office, I'm constantly reminded of it. Shouldn't be any louder, but it's a lovely detail as is.
  2. Since, personally, I'm not a big fan of dive watches - I find they look too chunky on my small wrist - and owning almost exclusively vintage timepieces, rainy days limit my choice of watches quite severly. I might be too cautious there, but better safe than sorry. So time and again I find myself wearing this 40mm MVMT on those days. Simple design, simple quartz movement, doesn't really care about the water, and the purple-ish blue sunburst dial makes me smile.
  3. Something very affordable, very red, very vintage:
  4. Same here, it does on occasion turn about 1mm clockwise while I’m wearing it. But that’s mostly annoying to the eye, hasn’t made me miss a shift yet. ;-)
  5. I'm no experts on these vintage Raketas, but I might be able to help with the significance of the bezel on mine. It's segmented in six 4-hour-intervals, which allegedly represent the then usual shift system for submarine crews. The bezel is adjustable and is set for a 24h-period, which consists of 4h of - excuse my civilian vocabulary - work (red), 4h break (white), 4h standby (blue), another 4h break, another 4h standby, and a final 4h break, after which the next day starts. I got this information from a private Raketa collector, so I can't vouch for it's validity. Sounds plausible to me, though.
  6. Felt like wearing a not-so-serious timepiece today: (First time for me uploading a picture here, apologies if the quality is underwhelming)
  7. That’s interesting, I thought wireless (inductive) charging was either too slow or a hazard - so apparently science has made a step forward. Not sure where I read that but the charging power required to actually charge a car overnight would apparently endanger small animals / toddlers etc. if they get between the charger and the car. Then again, that might be a welcome protection against martens / ferrets nibbling on the car‘s brake pipe.
  8. Guess there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to indulge in watches and register for this forum than a rainy Sunday afternoon, so: Hello, all! While the passion has been in me for quite some time, I‘ve only allowed it to come to the fore about a year ago when I stumbled over a beautiful, yet very subtle 70th Omega Seamaster that I now wear regularly, especially in the office. Since then, a few more watches - mostly vintage dressers and chronographs - have joined the Seamaster and scrolling through watch blogs and classifieds has become a cherished bedtime routine. I‘m looking forward to read my way through this forum and participate a little. English isn’t my first language, so I might fall short of the eloquence of some of you but I trust I‘ll be able to make myself understood. ;-) Ocean_Jr
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