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  1. Bit late, but as far as I‘m concerned, a day doesn’t end at midnight - it ends when I make it to bed. Last couple of weeks have been extremely busy due to the whole pandemic, but having found a little spare time tonight, I opened the watch drawer again to fiddle around. As a meditation exercise, I‘m cleaning this nice little trio now:
  2. It’s Flieger-Friday, the sun is hitting the dial.
  3. Weather was plain misery today, but this one doesn’t fail to cheer me up.
  4. Hehe, it’s a Stowa Flieger Verus in a limited Worn&Wound edition in grey. Already mentioned it in the corresponding member’s section of the forum earlier today. Since it’s not gonna be delivered before April, all I can offer right now is an official picture from the shop: Hope it’s fine to post that here. Was about that same money I’d have spent on the two trips and I had been eyeing it for a couple weeks anyway, so...
  5. I was just gonna name that as a good enough reason. Two trips I planned on doing in March and April got cancelled today, so I’ve just ordered a new timepiece instead.
  6. It’s pretty quiet here, Stowa doesn’t seem to be the forum‘s favorite brand? I‘ve only just become „part of the club“ with a Verus 40, as posted in WRUW yesterday, more pictures to follow. Also, there is another one on the way. Worn&Wound had a special grey edition, limited to 100 units, of the Verus. I couldn’t help but order another one... https://windupwatchshop.com/products/flieger-verus-grau-le?_pos=3&_sid=b82db7fd5&_ss=r?variant=30209702199362 It’s not going to be delivered until April, though. In the meantime I‘m contemplating on the choice of bracelet. The r
  7. Hi all, hope I can get some help here from the vintage-experts: I'm offered a (I think early) 70s Omega Seamaster Quartz, date, no day. It's from relatives, they simply never wear it, so this is not a classic should-I-buy-it-question. I'd just like to find out if something's broken or if I am just not well-informed. Anyway, the "problem": I can't quick-change the date, no matter the position of the crown. It changes automatically at midnight and it can be set by turning the hour hand forward 24h, which doesn't take too long on the quartz movement. Is it possible that the movemen
  8. +1 And just my personal opinion: I'd prefer the Montblanc, even though I might be the only one here. It makes me curious, it's interesting, and at least upon inspection I found they were beautifully made.
  9. Oh, my bad. It's a Stowa Flieger Verus 40. Stowa is a lesser known, small manufacturer in southern Germany, movement is an ETA 2824-2. It's the winner of the RedDot Design Award 2019, here's the link: https://www.stowa.de/Flieger+Verus.htm They produce it with or without the logo and date.
  10. From someone who's usually not a fan of divers: That's a beauty. Enjoy
  11. I guess I'm just a very lucky husband. :-) I mentioned it a couple of times, but since she's not into watches at all I was utterly surprised by the gift.
  12. First time wearing it and I‘m absolutely in love. No logo, no date, just a perfectly clean Flieger.
  13. I‘ve been meaning to do this for a couple of days, so here goes:
  14. Last time I posted a picture of the Pallas Adora, it stopped working a couple of minutes later. The crown wouldn't turn anymore, it was frozen solid. A few days ago I went to a watchmaker I know. He opened it, couldn't find anything wrong with it, closed it again - and it has been running smoothly ever since. Maybe she's just a bit shy and doesn't like her picture taken? Let's try again.
  15. And also: How often are you realistically going to do the journey? If it's, let's say once a year, might be worth it to weigh the disadvantage of having to make an overnight stop / taking a rental car vs. the advantages the EV might bring you (especially if it's free charging at your workplace, for example). I know BMW got the feedback from many European i3 owners that the range was sufficient except for the big 1-2 holidays they'd do every year, so they offered a rental deal with the leasing rate to get an SUV for the skiing trip, maybe a station wagon for the summer holiday.
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