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  1. I cant even imagine how difficult a dissambly of this watch will be. Also imagine that these will be sold from China on aliexpress for 20$ in the next weeks
  2. Hard to choose, but this is probably my most favorite one so far.
  3. I was looking very long for this model, i got very lucky and found a seller that had a huge bag full of old watches that he sold for 5$ each, then i saw that Seiko Olympic in there between those old watches and i immediatly bought it. Best purchase i ever made
  4. Thanks for the answers, about the serial number it does have one at the back of the watch "190185"
  5. So i was looking a very long time for this watch and finally got it, It’s a Seiko Olympic 7T42-7A50. I couldn’t really find any information on the internet for this particular Model.
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