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  1. Look great! the childs will love it i will come back to see finished article
  2. Hello every one, i would like to share some photos of my panerai strap Hope u enjoy its
  3. Hello, I'm strap maker from Viet Nam. If you are looking good quality straps. you could visit my facebook or instagram page to see detail about straps. @chulyquang.leatherworks In the range price i recommend you should choose epsom leather for strap. it is really durable in different conditions weather.
  4. You can visit my page to see leather straps. My facebook page and my instragram is: chulyquang.leatherworks
  5. yeah, he is a photographer i live in Viet Nam I have made a green canvas strap. please see photo below :D. If you like i can punch rectangle holes i'm glad to hear that, thank you for remember me
  6. I'm strapmaker . and these are feedback photos from my customer Thank you
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