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  1. As the article alludes to, I think all three of the Farrer worldtimers are nicer options.
  2. I think you could say that about a lot of watch brands releases lately, however, I think that is more due to the good work of the kickstart businesses than the laziness of the big brands.
  3. I love it. I was expecting considerably more than £4,100 too given it's limited to 2,000 pieces
  4. I bought a Navitimer end of Feb, checked the Breitling website today and prices are up £300!
  5. I love how similar they've kept it, although for some reason it looks a lot more formal - likely just the age of the original.
  6. Love that strap, really suits the watch!
  7. I bought this little beauty a few weeks ago (hence old photo) - still in the “scared to wear it” stage so work from home days are perfect! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I liked the look of them so tried a few on. I decided against them once I'd tried them, they felt solid and reliable but they also felt very chunky and cumbersome, which I'd typically like buy my small wrists just didn't suit it. The MBII was a very, very nice piece! Settled on a Navitimer, will get pics up at the weekend.
  9. Just an update for you all - I've dug out the original boxes and papers, and while I can't find any information on the specific model, there is a "Looking after your Rolex" leaflet and a blank Rolex guarantee card. It guarantees the watch for all defects, "ill-treatment excepted". The quest for details continues.
  10. Norman - I have also inherited a veryyyy similar watch to this. Only difference I can see is the hour markers are slightly different. Do you have any details about it's origin, model, movement etc.?
  11. Thanks everyone - I had only assumed 1966 given that was the year it was given to my great uncle. I'll dig out the box (original) and see if there is anything more concrete in there. There are a few light scratches on the face and the strap is obviously well worn (it is 54yr old at least) but otherwise it is in great condition!
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