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  1. I love mine (primarily because it has a lot of sentimental value) but also because I like having to wind it daily. It's a daily interaction with the watch you don't get with automatics/quarts (that sounds really sad when I read it back).
  2. The bracelet looks like it is high quality, how you finding wearing it?
  3. It's a slippery slope once you start! The IWC is very tasty, nice collection!
  4. My best advice, don't trade watches. Buy a watch you like for the £300 and then start saving for that Richard Mille (or whatever your end game watch might be).
  5. Haven't you had the new shiny Oris for years in the back of a drawer somewhere?
  6. Mine was a wedding gift to myself. I didn't have upfront capital to pay it off in one go but knew with interest free credit (I actually got a interest free credit card instead so I could get the AD to discount the watch) that I could afford the repayments. If I couldn't have afforded to buy it responsibly I wouldn't have. For me, I'm not really bothered what other people see/say about what I wear, I like to know that I've worked hard, bought something well made and I appreciate. I'd rather buy one (for example) Paul Smith t-shirt for £40 than 8 Primark t-shirts for £5 each and that is pur
  7. Significantly better. I actually like the chronograph functions on the actual watch, it is just that horrendous clear section that puts me off it.
  8. This would be improved no end by getting rid of the clear section of the dial.
  9. I was thinking that. An incredible feat of horology all the same.
  10. They're old and discontinued now I'm afraid. I can offer you £50 scrap value if that's any use?
  11. I am normally non-plussed by Rolex, I'm neither for nor against them. But that white gold Cosmograph Daytona is beautiful.
  12. Bit boring if you ask me. There's many a plain dial watch (GS being my first thought) that look significantly less bland than these. Not for me.
  13. Cheers Scott, I'll pass on the advice. I think he has the (basic) theory of watch movements and how they work but not the detail so thought it might have been useful to see the individual parts in the cheaper watches he will likely be handling regularly. The book will make a handy "congratulations" gift
  14. My younger brother, who has a keen interest in horology, has just secured his first job in a watch repair centre where he will be trained in the servicing of watches (I believe the shop is Omega approved, but can't imagine they get many genuine Omega's in for repair). I suppose my question is a bit on the scrounge: Does anyone have any tips/advice/recommendations for him going into his first days/weeks? He's the kind who chucks himself in head first and wants to know every detail of a topic Does anyone have any potentially repairable and very cheap watches they would be willin
  15. I love how the jist of this post is an assumption that EVERYONE is on a waiting list and EVERYONE is desperate for a Rolex.
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