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  1. Breitling for me, I like the Omegas but as touched upon, I seem to see them more frequently. Plus that blue in the SuperOcean is beautiful!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I must admit, while I do not know the circumstances, I agree. Even if you don't wear it, potential future generations of the family would have something from down the family line.
  3. I have a watch I inherited that has an inscription and I don't think I'd ever remove it because it is part of the sentimental value. However, if I was buying a watch I'd rather it had never been inscribed. If it had been inscribed, I'd rather it was left on than polished off...don't ask me why but it makes sense in my head.
  4. On size I think there is a middle ground (unique to each wearer). For example I have a vintage Rolex that is 33mm, and a Navitimer that is 41mm. Both look fine on the wrist. I tried on a few 38mm watches and they didn't look quite right, therefore I've come to a theory watches either need to be big (for me 40-44mm) or small ( <34mm) to look right. Just realised this is my 100th post....wooooo!
  5. I did that too! Love the look of the watch though, very nice! And a cracking price too.
  6. Are you alright? The bloke only said people have worn two watches on mountains for a long time. Have a day off, grab a cuppa and chill out man. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I tend to like CW's but never think "ooh I'd buy that". This on the other hand is very, very nice! It's a strange feature to like but the crown looks very professional.
  8. Navitimer today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It's been said plenty above, but for what it's worth I'm also in the Seamaster camp.
  10. I wasn't bowled over when I tried the Bremont Martin Baker on, looks amazing in the photos but just felt a bit plain on the wrist.
  11. I got 12% off a Breitling through Goldsmiths (same co. as WoS) just before lockdown.
  12. Although I have little/no experience of smart watches (I wore someone else's Apple Watch for an afternoon and it annoyed the hell out of me telling me to breathe/stand up/do steps/text messages etc.), I can second the FitBit customer service - it is incredible!
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