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  1. Not sure if just incorrect wording - but if you do use bitcoin, can I ask what you use it for? As for a good wallet, Trezor are the best ones. Tip - make sure you buy it direct from the Trezor website, there are a lot of pre-hacked cold wallets sold as brand new that as soon as you send the coins to it, they are pre-programmed to send them off into the deep dark hole of cryptocurrency fraud.
  2. I've spent a good few minutes really examining that first comparison picture and the only difference I can spot is the crown between "swiss" and "made" at 6 o'clock. Are there actually any visible other differentiations?
  3. I don't know why exactly but I think I'd feel more comfortable with the box and papers, even though I know it's easy enough to go online and buy a box and papers. And even original box and papers are no guarantee that the watches innards are still in tact. One of those strange subconscious things I think.
  4. I've been in on crypto currency for quite sometime and have done reasonably well out of it. The markets are so volatile so you're either in it to win big or lose big short term or (provided you do solid research on the coin/token you're investing in) to gain substantially long term (3yr+). And if you think you've missed out on Bitcoin, I opted not to invest in Bitcoin in 2017 at $4k per coin because I thought I was too late to the party too. Edit: early in my crypto dabbling I tried day trading and failed miserably - since then I've held 2 different coins in an offline wallet and let them appreciate.
  5. I finally managed to get my hands on a reasonably priced, good condition Bretiling leather strap a short while back and forgot to post a pic....here it is.
  6. From the album: Watch

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  8. From the album: Watch

  9. From the album: Watch

  10. I like the IP coated version but really want to see a lume shot. A slight aside, their website is sh....ocking.
  11. I was born in 1991 and I wish I was in that good condition. Very nice, great find!
  12. Thoughts? Looks like something you’d have to save up 150 tokens for, reality is it costs £4,800. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Roy, the watch is a beauty! My brother may well be interested if you decide to flip it, he's lusted for a SpringDrive for some time, let me know and I'll ask him.
  14. If I had a spare £3k I would definitely be rushing to the AD to try this. Never worn a ceramic watch so would definitely need to try it on. Very nice (and I've until now had a totally unwarranted dislike for everything Tudor - which is possibly Beckham related).
  15. It really annoys me that Europe (and other countries) use "." instead of "," when separating numbers. The watch dial is very nice but not a fan of the crown, nor the price.
  16. I love mine (primarily because it has a lot of sentimental value) but also because I like having to wind it daily. It's a daily interaction with the watch you don't get with automatics/quarts (that sounds really sad when I read it back).
  17. The bracelet looks like it is high quality, how you finding wearing it?
  18. It's a slippery slope once you start! The IWC is very tasty, nice collection!
  19. My best advice, don't trade watches. Buy a watch you like for the £300 and then start saving for that Richard Mille (or whatever your end game watch might be).
  20. Haven't you had the new shiny Oris for years in the back of a drawer somewhere?
  21. Mine was a wedding gift to myself. I didn't have upfront capital to pay it off in one go but knew with interest free credit (I actually got a interest free credit card instead so I could get the AD to discount the watch) that I could afford the repayments. If I couldn't have afforded to buy it responsibly I wouldn't have. For me, I'm not really bothered what other people see/say about what I wear, I like to know that I've worked hard, bought something well made and I appreciate. I'd rather buy one (for example) Paul Smith t-shirt for £40 than 8 Primark t-shirts for £5 each and that is purely personal preference, each to their own and all that.
  22. Significantly better. I actually like the chronograph functions on the actual watch, it is just that horrendous clear section that puts me off it.
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