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  1. This would be improved no end by getting rid of the clear section of the dial.
  2. I was thinking that. An incredible feat of horology all the same.
  3. They're old and discontinued now I'm afraid. I can offer you £50 scrap value if that's any use?
  4. I am normally non-plussed by Rolex, I'm neither for nor against them. But that white gold Cosmograph Daytona is beautiful.
  5. Bit boring if you ask me. There's many a plain dial watch (GS being my first thought) that look significantly less bland than these. Not for me.
  6. Cheers Scott, I'll pass on the advice. I think he has the (basic) theory of watch movements and how they work but not the detail so thought it might have been useful to see the individual parts in the cheaper watches he will likely be handling regularly. The book will make a handy "congratulations" gift
  7. My younger brother, who has a keen interest in horology, has just secured his first job in a watch repair centre where he will be trained in the servicing of watches (I believe the shop is Omega approved, but can't imagine they get many genuine Omega's in for repair). I suppose my question is a bit on the scrounge: Does anyone have any tips/advice/recommendations for him going into his first days/weeks? He's the kind who chucks himself in head first and wants to know every detail of a topic Does anyone have any potentially repairable and very cheap watches they would be willing to donate for him to have a go at? Or similarly, any beyond repair watches he could have a look at stripping down and piecing back together? Thanks in advance guys, appreciate it!
  8. I love how the jist of this post is an assumption that EVERYONE is on a waiting list and EVERYONE is desperate for a Rolex.
  9. I often need to clarify these funky movements...I make the time 12:11:55 (per the second photo)?
  10. When you put this watch on last week as a new arrival, I really liked it. Now I've seen it a few times and seen this post, I really, really like it (and not just for this feature). It's a stunning watch and looks very well made. I'm glad you're happy with it!
  11. Here’s my little’un Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I hate: "just wanted to touch base"....
  13. I don't have one but tried a fair few Bremont's on last year and they felt very nice but too big for my wrists (it also felt very deep). This particular model though, I couldn't get away with the date window, why do I need to see tomorrow and yesterdays date? Would be a cracker if not for that date window.
  14. As someone also in the crypto game, I can't help thinking the two are not overly comparable. Yes the profits you've made will be far greater, but equally the risks are far greater and let's face it, at the minute in the crypto world you'd struggle to lose money. I get the point that there are other ways to make money than flipping watches though. I don't think I'd ever see watches as an "investment" and struggle to understand how other people can do so. Yes there are brands as you mentioned that are more stable and those that will lose money hand over fist, but the models that will make us money are often not known until they have actually made people money at which point it's often too late to buy at a price that allows a profit on sale. Buy the watch you like, enjoy it, and if you make money out of it then you've got yourself a little Brucey bonus!
  15. Throughout this lockdown I’ve stuck solely to this (and a Fitbit to track my running). I’d best get the old watch box out of the safe. In other news, what better way to spend your 30th than lockdown in front of a PC all day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Very nice. Is this 0c a common thing? Can't say I've heard it before.
  17. I've got a search saved on the bay and check it regularly. Like you said, leather looks like the way forward. There are quite a few available without the buckle for reasonable prices but I'm in no rush.
  18. Serious question, what actually is the time on that photo? 6 am and presumably 34 seconds? I like it.
  19. The problem here is your choices are all so very different. Surely the best option is to find a stockist (probably not possible now we are seemingly all in tier 4) and go in and try some on. As others have said, they're all good, but what you prefer is a matter only you can resolve. For what it's worth, my preference is the aviation.
  20. Merry Christmas everyone!! (Tapatalk love to cripple the photo quality!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I've got a feeling that's gonna be in the "better in person" category because I'm not bowled over with the online photos. It all just looks a bit bland.
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