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  1. I've got a feeling that's gonna be in the "better in person" category because I'm not bowled over with the online photos. It all just looks a bit bland.
  2. Did anyone manage to get hold of one? My two local stores have been sold-out all week
  3. The Grand Seiko gets my vote, beautiful watches!
  4. A really beautiful watch, and excellent photographs! However, it always bugs me that the screw heads aren't aligned on Hublot's
  5. You're too young and hip for me, I bet "grime" makes a right racket!
  6. Obviously we all use it for the obvious (cleaning watch bracelets/parts) and other jewellery - anyone have any other uses for them? Thanks for posting by the way!
  7. I am definitely getting one of these, the Mrs has a Michael Kors fashion jobby that she's had for about 7-8 years and never had it cleaned, the bracelet is disgusting!!
  8. Why was the dog wearing the watches? Clever dog!!
  9. I'll keep an eye out, I'm not in an immediate rush so happy to wait. There is quite a few on now but without the buckle...as well as some very questionable looking "genuine" items.
  10. Thanks for the feedback gents. I was torn at the time of buying the watch between bracelet and leather - in the end I opted for the bracelet as it's easier to later get a leather strap to fit than it is to get the bracelet to fit. Hey presto, here I am looking for a leather strap! I knew all along I wanted both I suppose. And this is exactly my point, in the AD I had the same watch with leather and the bracelet in either hand they look like totally different watches! It's my birthday in January....watch this space (excuse the pun).
  11. I've got a Navitimer 41mm -https://www.breitling.com/gb-en/watches/navitimer/chronograph-41/A13324121B1/ I have it on the steel bracelet but I'm interested in buying a leather or rubber strap, ideally a genuine Breitling one. Has anyone any recommendations on where to buy other than direct from Breitling? Finally - are they worth the money? £60 rubber and £130 (plus buckle) for leather is the price on the Breitling website.
  12. +1 for sticking with the current strap. If however it isn't what you want, I'd recommend Steveostraps - he makes custom straps so can pretty much do whatever you want. Very good service!
  13. I'm guessing the advice above hasn't changed - take it to a watchmaker (preferably not the same one Nobby took his to).
  14. Ahhh. Makes sense. So is this an exclusive for them? Or a collaboration? Or just a unique back case for their review of said watch?
  15. What does "worn & wound" mean? Makes it sound like a "pre-loved" or refurb job.
  16. I cannot stress this enough, do not practice on a Rolex.
  17. Has anyone watched Oceans 11, 12, 13, the Hatton Garden documentaries, Heist etc. and fancies a day out on or before 12 December? I've got a plan. Previous experience desirable but not essential.
  18. Grovana also get my vote for "worst website of the year".
  19. That is a lovely watchy! Krissy1301 watch of the day!
  20. Whoever designed that has adder nightmare Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I absolutely love the sentiment and the optimism here, but I would say not to get your hopes up. The inscription could of, and probably will have, been removed (either by new case back or polished off), thus making the task of recovery even more difficult. It's a very sad story and I wish you all the luck in finding them...especially the medals!
  22. The Krissy1301 watch of the day award goes to... Very nice!
  23. I got 13% off my Brietling from the high street. Shy bairns get nowt.
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