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  1. moviez

    Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. cam

    Rlt 16

    Cheers for the welcome everyone. I purchased the RLT16 at Christmas and am very pleased with it! My watch collection has always consisted mainly of sports/diving watches (Sea-Dweller, SuperOcean Professional etc) and I was looking for a lighter, more comfortable watch. I was looking for a particular style (leather strap, clean black dial, sword hands and a display back) and had previously been considering buying a vintage watch. I knew about the RLT site for years, but had only ever looked through the vintage Seikos. On looking through the RLT watches section, I found exactly the watch I had been searching for – the RLT 16! The watch has been on my wrist pretty much permanently since Christmas. It is very comfortable, looks awesome and is great value for money. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you RLT!
  3. cam

    Rlt 16

    Got my RLT 16 for Christmas and I love it. Will post a review soon, when I've got more time. Highly recommended! Cam
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