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  1. At first i was thinking about getting an omega Seamaster Aqua Terra but couldn't justify the price even if they look great , so I have £1000 to spend on a watch and would like to know what other watch brands people recommend ,
  2. just wondering what people would use to clean the inside parts from a mechanical watch , I was think isopropyl.
  3. yes ordered one , I got the watch hands off just using some thin flat head screw drivers not ideal but worked , just wondering what to use to get the hands back on? I don't really want to spend to much if anything on tools as I don't think I will been needing them very much .
  4. https://imgur.com/eaNwny7 ronda one jewel , Found this watch in a house clearance, Wasn't working so I took the case off and unlocked the stem , Didn't have a battery in and I didn't have one to try but I noticed the cooper strip that the battery lays on wasn't there, I think its snapped as you can see a small piece there in the seconded picture, also not sure but I think a piece of metal is missing from the top that goes over the battery but not sure about that , I Don't think the watch is worth much so I don't think sending it to be repaired is viable . If I could solder some wire to
  5. I like to know the payment has gone thought first sometimes banks can mess you around at the worst times . I guess I am so use to buying online I don't see any risk in paying upfront, I even got my new car online over 10 years ago which was quite a big payment , I don't see any risk its not like the shop will some how try and rob me ? and I get protected from fraud from my card if they was a case . I guess its personal preference really, I could buy an omega watch around the same price online or over the phone and know one would really care, just not a Rolex so I guess its been a bi
  6. yes, there is know reason why he would not like it and even if he didn't I am sure he could sell it on , if people thought your way know one would buy anything online , you get to see it when it arrives and I have seen lots of pictures online of the watch . All I was saying is I want to pay online or over the phone and I am quite happy to go in the shop and look at it and pick it up.
  7. Are you being sarcastic ! All I wanted to do was buy a relative a birthday gift I really don't care to spend my time in a shop looking at lots of watches, if they don't take my order over the phone I will probably not order the watch, I have not heard anything as ridicules as not being allowed to order online or over the phone I thought that was a given in theses times.
  8. Is that because they don't want to risk it getting lost in delivery ? Would they except payment over the phone and I can just collect it at the shop.
  9. After send an email they said that the blue dial Rolex would be in showrooms in 10 days , On the site there is know way of paying for any of there Rolex Watches it only shows the price and details of the watch. I get the feeling they want me to go in the showroom to look at watches but I really don't want to do that I just want to order online and get it delivered .
  10. Been looking to get a Rolex oyster perpetual 39 for my brothers birthday gift, but I was wondering what would be the best to get out of that and the omega aqua terra ? I don't know much about watchers and only from looking online I came across the omega watches with a similar price range , I also want a watch that will at less hold most of its value over time if possible .
  11. I am look to buy a Rolex oyster perpetual for a relative and I have been looked on places like Ebay used market, but I am worried they might be fakes and I don't have the experience to tell , So I would like some advise on what places in the uk are safe to buy from? and if a should buy new from AD or used?
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