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  1. Yeah I have an a-11 elgin and it's no problem to get info but rotary seems hard to nail down exact info. Wonder if it was the war making production fast or just the way rotary was. Rotary I know also left the swiss at some point and moved to Britain.
  2. I did have the back off it was stamped 1002 984. I will work on a high res photo. I'm at work so it maybe later tonight.
  3. I recently bought a Rotary Super-Sports from England. I will list what I think know about this watch. If I am wrong about anything please let me know and then I will get to my questions. I believe its a 1940, with an A. Schild 984/ 440 movement. 15 jewels. What I want to know; is it missing a tension ring at the crystal (bezel), is there a name for this case shape, could it have been an issued item for the war? Additionally is it wise to try to remove the lume that fell off the hands on to the dial, and is this a rare combination between the dial style with its markers in this case. I find ver
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