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  1. Hi Lampoc, was that a link? I think it's broken...
  2. I've got an IWC one from my Dad. Wearing it now. I love it, it's my go to every day watch. Any thoughts on what year it's from?....
  3. I think I worked out how to insert an image link. The link from my Google Photos wasn't working before but I think I've worked it out. Sorry for being rubbish. Anyway, here it is finally!...
  4. Hello again, Apologies for not understanding that I couldn't embed a photo of the watch. Always "watching", many thanks for the info. I'll read up on the Vacuum Chronometer Corporation. Here's a link to a photo which will hopefully work and give you more of a clue... https://photos.app.goo.gl/nZdxCAUky78Ym8zD9 Best, Hugo. I've just read the article and looking at the pictures of the vacuum chronometer in the article it's clear that mine is one of them. It has the same distinctive bezel clamps at 12 and 6 o'clock, which the article states as the key feature in recognising one. So I'm guessing (I'm no expert) the watch is probably from the late 60s, before the rise of quartz watches in the early 70s. Best, Hugo.
  5. Hello all, I've got some watches from my Dad, including this Paul Freres "Vacuum Chronometer" fashion watch. It's very particular, but I really like it. Any thoughts on what it is, when it was from, value (not that I'd sell it), etc?... Thanks! Hugo Read.
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