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  1. I like the look and feel of divers.The weight and (usually) easy to read dials are also a plus for me.
  2. I ordered a white faced chrono on Friday 6 feb.It came today.£69 delivered.UK seller.Looks good, though i have not had chance to unpack it properly yet.
  3. I thought that garden centres were open.
  4. It is a Sarcococca.Not sure which species and variety.Very sweetly scented flowers.
  5. Not sure if all of these are available but series i have recorded and enjoyed are.Jamestown,Poldark,Band of Brothers,Pacific,Boardwalk Empire,Rome,Spartacus,and the recent re make of Black Narcissus.There are many more but my wife has just put her soaps on the TV and my brain has scrambled!
  6. Its another for Vostok from me.The Amphibia range especially.
  7. That chisel looks similar to the one i was using at school around 1968 at age 14.I was finishing the centre of a bowl with my left hand on the top of the handle and my right holding the end of the handle.The chisel was resting on the tool rest.Next thing i knew,the chisel flew off and my left hand became trapped between the still spinning bowl and the tool rest.Luckily a fellow class mate saw what was happening and banged the large red stop button on the lathe. I still have the scar between the two fingers where the spinning wood burned rather than cut my hand.The woodwork master was not overly concerned.I remember his first comment well. - "I hope you havent left blood on my lathe" . Different times !.
  8. A stunning watch.And some fascinating history.
  9. Any chance of a pic of the Christmas brogues Nigelp ..............
  10. Hartlepool Mr Bond.I had a look at the distance.Over 300 miles from me in sunny Somerset (well it was Today). Happy nearly new year
  11. Wow!.Well done WRENCH.There it is the real Chain.
  12. A friend called into the nursery just before Christmas.He was laying a hedge for someone close by.His family have done this for generations.He was trained by his father and uncles.I sometimes visited when they were carrying out a job,though must confess that i was more interested in warming myself by the bonfire they lit to burn trimmings as they went than the actual work. The measurement the old guys used for payment was the Chain.I remembered that his father kept their Chain measure in the boot of his car.To my surprise my friend still has it!.Brian still charges by The Chain though paces the 22 yards these days as modern customers are not so fussy as old farmers. Some other oldy fogey measures were on the back of my school jotter.Rod,Pole or Perch instance.Does any one else remember these measuring names?.
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