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  1. champ


    Flu jab today.First time.
  2. Had a phone call from the diabetic nurse today.She said that tests showed that i was now pre diabetic.I was diagnosed with type 2 eighteen months ago.This is good news for me of course.The interesting thing is that although i gave up beer i did not give up alcohol.I switched to dry white wine and whisky.A glass or two of wine and a double most evenings.Probably more during the lock down period.Happy days!!!..........
  3. I ordered a Vostok Amphibia on Feb 26th this year.It arrived safe and sound from Russia on May 4th.I was very pleased with it and a little surprised that it turned up at all with all the problems going on.
  4. We have Sunflowers in the garden.They are now eight feet tall.
  5. champ


    Watering on the nursery most of the time today.It certainly is hot in polytunnels at this time of year.Cut the grass at the front and back of the house when i got home.
  6. champ


    Planting day in the garden at home today.Runner beans,ruby chard,lettuce,Chinese cabbage,spinach,red onions,and kale all planted in pots or in flower borders.I have been hardening these plants off for a few days.With the forecast looking good it was time to plant outside.I am sure that i heard the greenhouse breath a sigh of relief.I know i did.It was bursting at the seams and needed a lot of watering.
  7. Yet more seeds!.Comfrey,borage,kohl rabi,golden beetroot and corn salad (lambs lettuce).
  8. champ


    Back to working on our nursery today.My wife and myself have been away from it for 8 weeks while our son has been running it.He has done a fantastic job but it has taken its toll and he was relieved to have someone else to do the watering and weeding while he concentrated on orders. Its part time for starters 9ish till 4ish four days a week,though we will go in Sunday so he can have the first weekend off since the lock down started.
  9. Many thanks.I was impressed with how the belt block and punch system worked.My Vostock has a cheap watch strap so i did not mind having a go.I never thought that i would be able to do it and assumed i would be using a Nato strap or similar.Would the block and punch be used on expensive watch straps,and are quality pin removal tools used often?.
  10. Cheap kit arrived.Had a go at removing links from the bracelet on my Vostock Amphibia.The directional arrows were plainly visible.The pin ends were not as the brushed finish had obscured them.I tried the pin removal tool first.After a couple of goes the pin removal punch broke!.The belt block was next and although it was tiny the strap would fit.I select the largest punch,guessed where the pin end was and gave it a hard tap with the hammer.To my complete surprise it worked.I must admit that i had to down tools and walk away three times,but once i got the hang of it i was able to take out four
  11. champ


    Yesterday evening.The moon was showing nicely so i dug out my bird watching scope and tripod and had a look for about 20 minutes.I had never looked at the moon with magnification before.It was quite absorbing and i was surprised how much i had to adjust to keep tracking it.
  12. I would take the money and stay at home.I reckon £100k,probably much less would let the wife and myself have a great time around the Uk.With enough left over to sell our semi and buy a nice detached place on the Dorset coast.
  13. Many thanks.I have ordered a Bergeon spring bar tool 7767F.I also ordered a very cheap kit and can upgrade when i see which tools i use (break).lol.
  14. I recorded the film.Will have to watch it as soon as i can.Thanks.
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