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  1. He came back very quickly saying that though delayed for obvious (my word) reasons it will still come as have most of the others sent out before he pretty much closed the shop.I am happy to wait and am looking forward to its arrival Fingers crossed!.
  2. Russian wristwatches by Juri levenberg came earlier in the week.Rightly or wrongly i am leaving parcels 3 days before opening so ive only just looked through it.Prettly good for £12 delivered.
  3. champ

    DIY haircuts.

    Barbers been closed a while now so i bought one of the WAHL haircut kits online.Came pretty quick.Has electric clippers,comb,scissors etc.Wifes not keen to do it so i will have to try for a grade four all over myself.Might be interesting!.What are you doing re personal grooming?.
  4. No sign so far.Extreme times,though still hopeful.I sent a message to the Amazon seller a few minutes ago.Hope he is able to reply.
  5. The grass has finally dried enough for me to mow the lawn.
  6. champ

    Bird Photos

    Yes a good tip!.I will do this tomorrow.Many thanks.
  7. champ

    Today I Bought .....

    A sixteen pack of toilet rolls from Waitrose as we are nearly out.They had plenty.Sold out of various boxes of tissues though.
  8. champ

    Today I Bought .....

    A book.Russian Wristwatches by Juri Levenberg.From Blackwells.I havent bought from them before.Should be here early next week.
  9. That size is know as "Dublo" John.The HRCA clubs usually run this at meetings to compliment (or the other way round if your a Dublo collector!).I bought a loco some trucks and tracks but it confirmed that i prefer the larger size so i will move it on at one of the meetings.
  10. I admire your determination lovingtheclock.Have fun with it!.
  11. Yes, very interesting Always watching.I particularly like the WW1 military trench watch with its shrapnel guard.WW1 tank crews wore leather helmets with chain mail visors at the front.Apparently when the outside was struck with shrapnel or bullets small pieces of metal blew off inside the tank and caused serious eye injuries.Its likely that these trench watches were used by the tank crews too i suspect.
  12. I love these old adds.The Smiths one is a cracker!.
  13. champ

    Today I Bought .....

    Today i bought.......A Sekonda wrist watch.I dont know why!.We popped over the border (Somerset) into Dorset to visit Dorchester.Had a look in a Jewellers.He had some nice second hand watches on offer.Not many but Tag Heuer,Cartier,and Omega up to four figure prices.The Sekonda looked so nice i handed over the £24.99 and bought it.He was quite happy to fit the bracelet to my wrist size too.My wife was happy as she came home with a nice pair of boots.
  14. Thank you all.I have a better idea what to look for now.Sabailand i honestly did not know there were watch magazines.Would you have any suggestions please?.
  15. champ

    Today I Bought .....

    I remember Izal,just.My grandfather had a pack in the downstairs toilet.Came in a little flat box with an oval hole in the top similar to tissue boxes.Might be worth taking care with kitchen roll flushing.It can cause blockages!.
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