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  1. Dear WRENCH, Thank you for your insight. I tried searching about other people having mistakes in the extracts. This is the one I found: https://omegaforums.net/threads/speedmaster-pre-moon-105-012-66-cb-wrong-movement-number.59671/ The problem there was that archive was probably damaged and the movement number was misread. But in my situation from the case number they know the exact reference number instantly, even when I called them before I got extract, they told me that the reference number is the number I thought it should be. I bought the watch without documentation. Thank You!
  2. Well you pay to get the exact information, the factory signs it, it is an official document. It determines what your watch is, I think it is really important that a piece of paper you pay hundreds of Dollars for is accurate. Dear Karrusel, I got the watch more than 10 years ago, it only became a more sought after watch recently, and that is why I wanted to get the extract for it. I will wait to get the corrected booklet, and write to them after. Do you think it is possible to write to the CEO of a watch company? The factory confirmed that the watch is the reference number I originally thought it was. Im not planning on selling the watch right now, I just wanted to settle the fact that the watch didn't have a booklet.
  3. Dear Always"watching", Thank you for your reply, The case number, the movement number and the production number was stated correctly. The reference number/name (model name) was incorrect, and this watch is well known in the factory as it is the first model ever made from that type. And as I mentioned before the watch is not that old, it is from the 1990's. It would one thing if it would be 100 year old watch, and there was a flood in the factory and the case number is incorrect by a few letters or numbers since the records were damaged by water. The reference number was incorrect, and that is what I find strange. Since, when they found my case, movement, production number they found the exact date of production, and they must see the exact reference number, and they probably print these Extracts directly from the computer. I found the same models online with Extract of Archives written correctly, so I was not the first to ask for this in the past few years.
  4. Dear Karrusel, Thank you for your detailed reply, for older watches it is of course understandable, what I meant to say was that my watch is from the 1990's, and that is why I was surprised that they could not get the reference number correct.
  5. Dear Watchforum, I am writing to you concerning a problem I have encountered with one of my watches, and I would like to hear your opinion on the subject. I have requested an "Extract of Archives" from one of the top 5 watch company's for a rare watch from the 90's. I paid over 200USD for the Extract document, I wanted to have it because my watch does not have its original booklet and I was curious of the exact date age of the watch. After receiving this book, I took it home and looked at the reference number and something seemed off. I knew the exact reference number of my watch, and on the paper the last 2 numbers (which refer to the type of dial) were different then what it should be. I got upset, and started thinking that my watch could have been dial swapped in the past to the reference number dial I thought I had, therefore it would have been a fabrication. This could significantly effect the value of the watch in the eyes of the buyers. Doing research online I found that that reference number they wrote on the document didn't even exist. That was what got me to call the factory and question the accuracy of the document. They were even surprised to hear that the document was not accurate, and they asked me to send it back to them and they will replace it. If I would have not noticed it and thought that this document is accurate, then it would have ruined the value of my watch and It would have made it nearly impossible to sell on the market. My question to you is: is it common for watch companies to make mistakes on official signed extracts ? What would you do in my place? How can you trust watch companies with your watch? Thanks,
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