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  1. Here’s the inside of my watch. I managed to open it just now.
  2. That’s really beautiful. I actually have a Troy model, black walnut cabinet clock, made by the Ansonia Clock Company, New York. It was my grandmother’s clock, and was manufactured in 1894. I’ve just uploaded a photo of it onto Flickr, and yet again am going to attempt to paste the URL on here. Ah - it’s worked!
  3. Thanks - I might have a go at opening it (depending on how brave I feel). The link for Anglesey watches is very useful, and definitely one I shall bear in mind should I decide to have it repaired.
  4. Good advice about the choice of jeweller. I definitely wouldn’t take it to any of the high Street jewellers, as none of them actually repair watches anymore, they only sell them. I haven’t opened it up to look at the movement, partly because I’m not sure how to, and partly because I’m afraid of damaging it by doing something I shouldn’t.
  5. I would definitely think about getting it fixed. I’ve tried winding it, but nothing at all happens, so I guess it’s well and truly out of action, although obviously I don’t know the extent of repair needed.
  6. Thank you. So safe to say the watch was made between 1861 and 1863 I presume then? I think I’ll stick to 1862 as an educated guess. Thanks again. Wow that’s great - thanks for the link.
  7. Thank you, but would 1862 have been the approximate year in which the watch was made would you say? Just out of interest, is it worth me having the watch repaired at all? I have no idea if it’s even possible to repair it, or even the extent of repair needed.
  8. No, he wasn’t born in Liverpool, he was born here in Anglesey (where I also live) but you’re right, it would have had to have been given as a gift by someone pretty wealthy at the time. I suppose a pocket watch would have been pretty expensive in those days.
  9. Thank you! At least my photos are up here at last. Thanks again for your trouble. That’s fantastic. So the watch was made in 1862 then? Interestingly, my great grandfather was born in 1862, so I wonder if the watch was given to him (or his parents) as some kind of gift at the occasion of his birth? I know my grandmother was given a cabinet clock on the occasion of her birth in 1899? Thank you so much for this information. I really do appreciate it.
  10. Those details are so interesting, thank you so much for going to such trouble to find them. They certainly give me a better idea of when the watch was made. (I had no idea it was so old). I’ve taken a photo of the inside of the case, and uploaded it onto Flickr, and will try once again to paste the URL on here. (The numbers 4 and 6 appear underneath the hallmarks if that’s any indication of anything?) When I insert the URL into the little box, it appears in red but then nothing at all happens. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Is it possible you could go onto Flickr and type in JJ Da
  11. I’m now able to see the images of the watch you just posted, and it looks exactly like the one I have! The only difference is that the hands on mine are a gold colour, not black. Thank you so much for going to the trouble of showing me this information.
  12. Hi, thank you for that, again very interesting. I’m not actually able to view your photos though. (Not sure what I’m doing wrong here? Seems I’m unable to either upload photos, or view them..)
  13. Ah, thank you. I’ve just posted it onto Flickr, and here’s the URL for it. (Hope it works). Thanks for the information also, that’s very interesting. It’s still not allowing me to even copy the URL. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here...?
  14. Hi. Sorry, I’ve done this the wrong way round. I’ve posted a question about my old watch on here, before introducing myself as a newbie. I’m in Anglesey, Wales by the way. (I hope I’m doing this right - apologies if I’m not.)
  15. Hi, I have an old pocket watch with the words: JAs J Dagg, 242 Scotland Road, Liverpool, on the watch face. I’m wondering what the history behind it is, and approximately what year it would have been manufactured? (I want to post some photos of it on here, but I’m not having the option to do it.)
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