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  1. Thanks again, I wasn't suggesting it should be an English movement. I was surprised having been searching and assuming the movement was American due to the only visible inscription on the movement being the US patent., to find it was swiss! I'd not bothered looking at swiss plates. The watch like me is in the UK, where I understand that its quite natural for Swiss movements to be in English made cases. So the Cyma movement was put in an English made case and probably marketed with the patent inscription and sold in the USA, I can only assume the watch has travelled back from th
  2. Well thanks you appear to have found it. . . Although I cant get my head round why a US patent reference is on a swiss movement in an english case?? Many thanks
  3. Hi I'm trying to identify the following pocket watch movement it is in a solid silver Dennison watch case, UK Birmingham Hallmark dating 1915. I have no doubt watch and case are originally paired. The watch keeps excellent time and I am loathed to start stripping it down without good reason, to try and find more marks or serial number. The movement appears to be a 15 jewel separate bridge design with: 'US PAT 24 MAY 1904' being the only inscription on the movement. The centre / train bridge is quite a distinctive shape, but I have thus far been unable to identify its maker/calibre from vari
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