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  1. You wont be getting a discount on a New BB58 anytime soon,the market is still very strong and preowned are snapped up very quickly at near RRP prices.
  2. Most Rolex have great Value retention in today's market but fads come and go and if you are buying at above RRP then its a completely different answer. just 5 years ago most Rolex models were available with a discount those days are long behind us but nobody knows what the future holds. There are many brands that have great value retention at all price levels its not all about Rolex you try finding a first generation VC Overseas Chronograph for every one of these i have found there are a thousands of so called rare Daytona's I'm still looking for a white faced example.
  3. There are So many of these threads on the various social media forums. "can someone help is it genuine" The problem is a scammer would be silly to post a picture of a dodgy watch he would post a picture of a genuine piece easily copied from anywhere then you get 50 people saying yes its genuine.which in turn gives you the confidence to proceed with the purchase. Problem is you have no idea whatsoever if that is the watch you will receive or go to pick up and as you haven't got a clue what you are looking at and the deed is done. Unless you are 110% confident in what you are doing or looking at (and very few are) then stay well away from these platforms and only buy from a trusted source. There are Thousands of great watches out there to try and enjoy i hope you find one that you want.
  4. Why would you say they are going to discontinue the 114060 Yes it is due a movement change but don't listen to everything you read on Facebook forums they are mostly people who don't know their Ar*e from their elbows and just buying into the Madness and hype that currently surrounds the brand. False rumour is what keeps the hype going and the gullible follow. The BB58 is a nice watch and not as Bulky as it's BB stablemates and has the look of an Original Submariner The other piece that you mention the DJ36 is better for the smaller wrist Have you considered the 36mm Explorer 1 if you must go down the Rolex route Buy the Watch you love Not what some idiot is telling you to buy on Instagram/Facebook If you have No idea what you are looking at Always buy from a Reputable Dealer.
  5. Nearly 5 weeks now without a watch on wrist But the Log shed is close to full
  6. Have not worn a watch in 3 weeks But the Garden is looking good.
  7. I have been wearing what is considered high value watches some 30 years plus and never had any problems or concerns whatsoever You will just as likely get mugged for wearing a watch pretending to be something else.
  8. Cant say i have ever heard of the Rolex President DateJust.
  9. Love the piece and it is true the 1940s original style The only issue for me is the size its just too big would have preferred maybe 39 mm maximum as Breitling always in my experience wear large I guess the £4K ish price tag is in line with current prices and being limited to just 2000 i'm sure it will sell out. Good to see Breitling looking back into their Vintage catalogue as personally i think they have lost their way in recent years with simply too many models and No clear identity apart from big bold brash watches.
  10. In the 2008 crisis prices of Rolex stayed consistent and did not suffer any noticeable falls in prices. That said we live in very different times where fools are paying way above RRP something unheard of in 2008 when you could pick up most pieces at a discount with maybe the Daytona being the exception. The world of Rolex has gone crazy in recent years the overheated pieces have seen steady falls from the highs for the past 6 months despite the Speculators/Flippers/Dealers trying their best to keep prices high and maintaining the Hype. If you need to sell your piece in today's market you may be in for a surprise if you paid above RRP but i would question if you should be buying perceived luxury items that you clearly cannot afford For me a high value timepiece is something that you should only consider when you're own personal circumstances are in order and a high value timepiece is pretty low in that priority list . Those who have helped created the overheated market IMO deserve all they get and maybe just maybe a lesson will be learnt,but i very much doubt that will ever happen.
  11. The JLC Night and day is an absolute classic. As for the Montblanc i can see the attraction its a great looking watch and they build some incredible high end pieces. i don't know why buying watches has become all about value retention we all spend thousand on our hobbies with no return Buy the one that You like and that suits your needs
  12. You seem to be more concerned about what the watch will be worth if you want to sell it in the future And as for the protective stickers you mention these will be removed from your OP before it leaves the shop by the sales staff to further enhance the buying experience. Why not just buy the one that you love and enjoy it They are both great watches
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