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  1. Christ imagine those two wandering into a rough estate pub
  2. Personally I would wait another 3 or 4 weeks until furlough ends then I think you will see bigger reductions but could be wrong.
  3. This is really cool. I'd have gone mad if I had been in your situation, presumably there is sentimental value and you want to look after it. Hope it keeps running for many more years.
  4. That said I love to see the workings through an open case back, maybe I'm just strange.
  5. Skeleton watches for me for the fact they are hard to read and for me just look ugly.
  6. Looks OK if a bit dull, maybe the green looks better on the wrist. Always put off having a quartz dive watch as costs extra pennies getting it pressure sealed when you come to battery change time. For the money it is pretty decent, personally I would go for something a bit more interesting like a Vostock Amphibia
  7. @rafy1 nice looking h2o without the date window
  8. Do you ever go diving in any of these @pauluspaolo I have just bought a Seiko Samurai Blue Lagoon and waiting on it to be delivered but honestly don't think I would ever even swim with it on even though that would be fine as it says 200m water resistance. I do wonder how many dive watches actually get used as intended!? That said I love them and like your collection, especially the Borealis, I nearly bought the Estoril one with a blue dial but the Seiko won me over.
  9. Fake Casio's jesus is nothing sacred anymore.
  10. @Richard734 yes you are right. At the price point I am looking at (sub £500) probably less of an issue though I'm sure even fakes exist at the budget end too.
  11. Rading all of this I will probably buy more stuff off ebay now, I genuinely had no idea the buyer is so well protected. I have only ever bought 1 thing of there so far, which was of course a watch!
  12. What about a Sinn 104, that looks nice with a white dial. Having read reviews of these they seem pretty bombproof too so you can have it for a nice daily wearer. Maybe a few hundred cheaper too so you could appease the Mrs too!
  13. Just to qualify when referring to favourite brands do you have to own one! ? I currently have an Oris Arctyx and an Omega Geneve and while I do like both brands, my favourite would be either JLC or Glashutte Original. Not likely to be buying any of their offerings anytime soon. Its a bit like when I was young having posters of Ferraris on my wall, but now driving a Ford. The real favourite is always just tantalisingly out of reach. But it is nice to have something to dream about!
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