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  1. Roy Thanks for getting back to me. Yes , you cant really go wrong with a Sieko. Liked your recommendation too. Looking at this https://longislandwatch.com/seagull-1963-chronograph-6488-2901w/?revpage=3 # but not sure of the import duty. Pete
  2. Hello Everyone Pete here. fairly new to watches as a more discerning collector ( always had and worn watches but only to tell the time, no other reason) Have a two watch collection so far with my first purchase being a Stowa Classik Flieger ( type A ) and then the Tudor Pelagos ( black dial ) Have been looking for a Panda Chronograph for a while now and here's the rub. I have been cruising t'Internet and just cannot believe the choice out there. My budget is around the £250 mark so have been on Ebay and am looking at a Seagull 1963,Citizen Bullhead and the various Siekos . Does anyone have any recommendations or cautions about any particular watch please ? Suggestions greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  3. <a href="https://imgur.com/xwviqqx"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/xwviqqx.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> Stowa Flieger Type A
  4. Hello All new to this obsession but more than happy to be here. So far have a load of cheapo quartz watches but ,also have a Stowa Flieger type A and a tudor Pelagos ( black ) so am trying to up my game. So far have only spent about 200 hours om youtube susing out my next 30 watches but will try harder. All the best Pete
  5. https://ibb.co/nPyrbsq My first expensive watch. Love it on this darker strap than it came with too.
  6. Will do. Don't worry, bugger all is going to spoil my Crimbo. Plan to get quietly hammered and watch The Great Escape somewhere. Will remind me of being a kid in the 70's. Have a merry Christmas yerself.
  7. Thanks for the replies chaps. I specifically asked not for the display watch and actually watched the salesman remove the watch from a locked cupboard. It came out of the plastic container with no stickies. Will be taking it back to Goldsmiths when they reopen. In Cardiff so don't know when that'll be cos of this bloody Covid.
  8. Hi all, fist post here. Right, just opened my Crimbo pressie, a brand new 4 liner Pelagos. I actually went into the shop and bought it for myself. Tried it on for about a minute to see how many links needed to be removed. Took it off and bought it. Store wrapped it up and I'm out of there handed over to wife for her pressie to me. On opening I discovered that I had totally missed the fact there were no stickies on the watch at all. Also there seemed to be signs of wear on the case back and a scratch adjacent to the crown. Is this normal for a brand new watch? YouTube vids would appear that unboxing a new Pelagos does have stickies on it. Any help gratefully received. Thanks
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