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  1. yeah, they are great watches for sure. I mean, I've had 20 plus years out of one of mine, without having to change the rechargeable cell inside. I think the key is to keep them charged well and they will serve you well.
  2. Hi there. Here is a picture of an old Citizen I own (no battery in it now) 100m divers watch, ok not strictly listed as a divers watch but it has been down to about 120ft several times and certainly at 20m many many times. The one way bezel stopped working, ie rotates both ways so I stopped using it for diving. Plus it's had so many battery changes and services that they ran well over the original cost of the watch when i bought it brand new in Australia some years back. it kept great time but now all 4 back screws have knackered heads, and def needs new o rings; it might get relegated to the missus as she liked the retro look of it. However, the reason why I'm posting about it here is the the markers are slightly radioactive. I took works scintillation counter and measure with the probe against the watch crystal just over 150 counts per second, so well over background levels LOL! No counts at all measured from the back of the case, so i was never danging myself wearing the watch all those years. I originally bought it in a hurry as y trusty SEIKO slim line divers watch was taking too long to get a new battery and pressure test at a SEIKO service centre and i wasn't going to cancel this particular dive but needed a watch- yes this was before dive computers LOL, so if you are a diver and reading this u will be able to work out the age of this model and probably the age of me LOL! Anyway here is a picture. I wonder if anyone else has an old Citizen with slightly radioactive luminescent markers? Maybe that's why Citizen now state their LUME is not radioactive.
  3. I reckon the ECO drive watches are great as i said earlier on but in order to get the most from them I think one needs to be a stickler for charging them fully when you first get your watch. Then make sure they get loads of full sunlight whenever possible. If you work outdoors then this should be relatively easy but in the office job a little more difficult. The fine print in the charging really equates to quite some time to develop a full charge, ie 11 hours for some watches. I recently rigged up a small computer fan to keep the watch cool to ambient air temps whilst charging in the full sun.
  4. Just finished a video review of my new-ish BN0176-08E see what u reckon Plus another blog here: https://hardcorecampingtools.blogspot.com/2020/03/citizen-bn-0176-08e-300m-promaster-dive.html Loving this watch LOL. Great job. I wish I could have replaced the bezel on my old 7878 200m eco drive but the case just worn out from sand over many many years of turning it.
  5. ECO DRIVE watches are great. I have an old 7878 movement 200m ECO DRIVE which has been keeping great time for 20 years now. I've used it diving, swimming, surfing caving and bashed around climbing outdoors on the crags LOL. The bezel wore out last Aussy Summer and I lost it in the surf (the bezel that is!-unfortunately the case has been too far abraded to get a new bezel fitted. I now own a BN 0176-08E 300m diver. Blogged about it here just recently https://hardcorecampingtools.blogspot.com/2020/03/a-real-mans-watch-citizen-bn0176-08e.html There is a lot of hearsay about the longevity of the ECO DRIVE but I'll tell you the facts of mine lasting for a long time, not ever having a rechargeable battery changed and never leaking, or misting up. I'm hoping the E168 movement will be just as good and i'll be another Citizen happy customer/wearer.
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