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  1. Pleased to say you were right, I've had to have my Explorer valued for insurance purposes, which is now 8.5k.
  2. Wondering if the community on here will be able to help... I currently have my Explorer insured for its retail price of 5.2k. However since it's discontinuation, market prices seem to be ranging from 6.5k - 7k. With this being my first Rolex, I'm not sure what the best way/who to contact in order to get this re-valued? Obviously I'd like this to be fully covered with my insurer (they have asked for it to be revalued). Any help is much appreciated.
  3. 39mm Explorer has been discontinued - Given Explorer is now 36mm, does that mean my recently purchased 214270 will decrease in price?
  4. Interesting. My collection is still small (but slowly expanding), and every watch I purchase at the moment I intend to keep for the long haul. There is definitely a thought in the back of my mind, that these pieces have been hard to get and fun to build new relationships with ADs. So it would be a shame to let them go. Plus the talk of being blacklisted for selling on isn't something I'd like to risk (is this even a thing?) as I plan to keep my collection growing. However, if I had more than let's say 30 watches. I would find it hard to justify to keep all of them and therefore easier decision to sell. As I suspect it would be hard to keep rotating between them all.
  5. Explorer today (and pretty much every other day of the week )
  6. haha - I'm sure I'll be asking for more recommendations in the not too distant future. I like no date sub's but realising they are impossible to get new!
  7. Seeing as everyone was so helpful whilst I was searching for my first luxury watch, I wanted to reciprocate some of that helpfulness. I've found a Blue Tudor Black Bay 58 in stock from here - https://amjwatches.co.uk/tudor-black-bay-fifty-eight-stainless-steel-navy-blue-39mm-gents-m79030b-0001.html It was a model I was considering, but now I've got my Explorer I don't want another watch... (well, for the time being anyway).
  8. Appreciate this might not be the right section of the forum to post this in, so apologies in advance... I'm currently looking for a large wall clock to hang in our kitchen (wife's orders). From what I can tell (by browsing John Lewis). Most use the cheap mass produced movement with plastic hands (sure you all know the type). Which isn't something I particularly want to buy. As this forum helped me with my first 'luxury' watch purchase, I wondered if there's any recommendations on the best place to look? Thanks.
  9. My feelings exactly - I thought the 'old' 39mm version was airing on the large side to begin with. A move to 41mm, following the fashion of larger watches + bold colours to capture the younger market as an entry point in to the brand perhaps? Watched a few videos of the new sub, apparently it wears smaller than the previous model. I'm torn between the no date version or the green bezel. What usually happens to the 'old stock' of discontinued Rolex models? I'm guessing demand and prices increase?
  10. Looks like Rolex will be launching new models 1st September - which is very exciting! What are we expecting/hoping for? I find purely online/virtual launches really interesting, as it goes against the usual 'big shows' concept. If done right I'd imagine a brand could almost 'takeover the internet' as with lots of new models launching at once during a show I imagine not all of them get the full coverage they deserve? Found the news in this article - https://usa.watchpro.com/breaking-news-rolex-names-the-date-for-2020-new-watch-launches/
  11. Another great deal from EJ, this time not Tudor. Seiko Prospex Samurai https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/8402477/seiko+prospex+samurai+men's+stainless+steel+black+watch/?cm_mmc=RLS-_-Affiliate-_-digidip+x+deal+sites-_-10&utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=LinkShare&utm_campaign=svunC25memk&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&rmtsref=LinkShare&ranMID=39379&ranEAID=svunC25memk&ranSiteID=svunC25memk-i4rVMoH2f3rtHOn95KrwHw
  12. Glad this post is well received - did worry that people might think I was affiliated with EJ (which I'm not). Agree, some great prices...
  13. I was browsing HotUKDeals and noticed that Tudor seem to be 'on sale' with some reasonable discounts at Ernest Jones. Sadly you can't buy online but might be available to reserve over the phone (haven't personally tried). https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/l/tudor-watches/price%7Con+sale/recipient%7Chim/?Ns=P_Stock_Status_Sort%7c0%7c%7cP_Current_Price%7c0 This caught my eye... https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/5031109/tudor+black+bay+men%27s+stainless+steel+bracelet+watch/
  14. I thought it would be simple job too, however it turns out not to be the case... Went back to the AD yesterday for bracelet adjustments, however the pin screw couldn't be loosened. Apparently, as it's 'fresh from Rolex', the glue (is that the right name?) is at it's hardest and despite warming up/tapping it wouldn't budge So it's gone back to their head office for somebody to have a look at. Bit disappointing, but at least they didn't try forcing it and damaging the screws or bracelet. I'll pick it back up in a few days, but wondered if this is a common issue?
  15. Kicking myself I didn't go for this whilst with the AD. Luckily I'm not too far away to get the adjustment. Basically move one link on the 6pm side and put it on the 12 side would centre the whole clasp nicely, right?
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