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  1. I’ve heard the same advice. Would be interesting to see what the pros think...
  2. Tissot heritage falls in that price bracket
  3. Welcome to the forum! You'll soon be turning that hobby in to an obsession ;)
  4. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you already have the watch bug!
  5. Are you using the app or web version? Perhaps there’s different functionality across both channels?
  6. Welcome to the forum - prepare to get hooked!
  7. “Had the call” from two different ADs for an Explorer. Not quite the same league as other sport models but the calls are definitely happening
  8. I’m waiting for a date to collect my Explorer. After a few conversations it sounds like some ADs will be ‘appointment only’ for a while after first re-opening. Lots more business happening over the phone too. Not sure there will be any reductions on very popular models though. When demand is high, prices usually creep up. When demand is low, retailers can reduce the price to generate some demand...
  9. zapot

    New to this

    Welcome to the forum, you're going to get addicted!
  10. I'd personally go for white, the contrast of the dial and the black rubber strap appears to 'stand out' to me. Guess if you're wanting a more 'stealthy' look, then black would the one to go for.
  11. For the money, I think an automatic Seiko 5 is hard to beat. Here's my green dial with a brown strap.
  12. wow - some incredible collections here. One day perhaps I'll need a chest! For the time being I plan to stick with just one, but already have an itch for a BB58 and I don't even 'own' my Explorer yet. It's definitely an addictive hobby once you get in to it. Would ideally like to keep the original box in pristine condition, is there anyway to get hold of another box? I'm also curious to find out, how long can a watch be left sitting, without any power in the reserve, just in case I don't wear it for longer than the 48 hour power reserve?
  13. How do you 'store' / 'tuck you timepiece in to bed' after a day on the wrist? Curious to find out what the best solution is for a one watch collection. Ready for when I eventually get to pick up my Rolex Explorer.
  14. I've just had some great news... A brand new Explorer 214720 has come available at my nearest AD, which I snapped up straight away. This now means I won't have to risk travelling to London and collect the blue dialled OP 39mm. Was an easy decisions to make as I managed to try on a used Explorer at Watchfinder just before lockdown, so know how it looks and wears - what a fantastic timepiece! Can't wait to collect this beauty, whenever lockdown is lifted.
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