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  1. Apologies it,salivejim (learning as I go)
  2. Hi all ,new to forum,having trouble navigating,please excuse my clumsiness,over enthuasiesm
  3. That's a cool,cool watch Of all the watches on this post, this and the aussie pogue stand out,fab,fab
  4. I'm in the process of buying the z, defy el primero 21,for no other reason than I like the look of the watch, I know the history of the brand etc. But it's the look ,shape and style of the watch I like,most.Brands come in and out of fashion and nowadays branding and celebrity endorsements,youtubers and all can make any brand popular, look what tgv did for squale
  5. Great work, you just got to keep searching until you find keepers,flippers are fun too
  6. Agree,once you scratch the rolex itch the blinkers come off and you see watches for what they are, if you took the symbols off watches rolex would sell less, I do like rolex watches though, don't get me wrong, but I've got so much pleasure out of citizen, lorier zelos and many more
  7. I've got straps from ,cheapest nato straps,Barton,wristcandy, and every other one on the net, the original bond single pass that came on the neptune is the only one that fits my old chronograph Trust me I could sell nato straps I have so many IM LOOKING FOR THE "LORIER BOND NATO SINGLE PASS " THANKS FOR REPLYS
  8. I think most would have a rolex over an omega Better resale,brand recognition etc, I have a datejust 41 ,its nice, if a little boring ,tend to enjoy my superocean heritage more,looking at zenith defy next ,I think they are a brand on the up, the biver effect Best of luck with the OP I know you will go with that one
  9. Looking at zenith defy el primero 21 ,anyone on here got experience of one?
  10. any one got an original bond style single pass nato they don't use,? These came with the lorier and are the only strap that fits my old chronograph ,been in contact with lauren and lorenzo but they cant help,hope someone on here has one Thanks in advance ,noel
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