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  1. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/concorde-pilot-sets-world-record-for-flight-from-nyc-to-london-breitling
  2. Nice post thanks for sharing stay safe
  3. For many, it's a difficult time of uncertainty. But, do yourself a favor, and allow yourself a brief diversion amidst all the unrest. We've got a great selection of watches to take your mind off it all this week, including an early Autavia from Heuer, and a two-register Breitling in top condition. For the dive watch aficionados, this is a roundup you won't want to miss, with a perfect Scafograf 300, a colorful Mido Powerwind, and the nicest Submariner you'll see in a good long while. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/vintage-watches-for-sale-bring-a-loupe-march-20
  4. But watches are awesome but for me i'll go for the tudor blackbay
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