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  1. Were yo a miner too? Good on ya
  2. I wear it most days and it has, allegedly, been serviced very recently. After winding it a 9.30pm last night it stopped at 8.10am this morning - very frustrating I have emailed your business on this, thanks
  3. Yes I am, I've owned it for 40 years and it was fine up until a couple of years ago - I've noticed sometimes it won't take a full wind
  4. it was "serviced" last week but the problem persists - gonna complain now we are past the weekend to see if they can explain why - but thanks for your observations. If I spend any more on it my wife will not be pleased
  5. Hi Simon, I own a 40 year old 9ct gold mechanical Rotary, it was a gift from my parents on my 18th birthday back in 1980. Two hands and date complication. For the past couple of years it has become unreliable - despite being serviced - mostly it will only run for around 12 hours, sometimes less. I am running out of funds to continally try in vain to get it fixed, any ideas what the problem might be. Do I call time and sell it to somone with more funds and patience or give it another try?
  6. Hi everyone, although I've been wearing wristwatches for decades, I am only new to learning about them. I only own a few watches, nothing special (Seiko SNK 809, my 40 year old solid gold Rotary and a Timex Expedition quartz beater watch) I will be annoying people for help on here so look out......
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