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  1. Do let me know what you think when you'll get them
  2. @jsud2002 I got them from Uthai store: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000822173804.html
  3. I meant £12 postage included for 3 straps
  4. Hey Sulie, yeah delivered to UK, I paid £12 postage included and no custom duty because it's less than £20. Downside, you'll have to wait for a few weeks, but I really like them and changing straps is a few seconds with the quick release system, so I'm very happy
  5. Hey folks, recently I bought some new straps from Aliexpress. I'm quite impressed and one costs only abour £4. They're soft, nice and feel well made and sturdy, and it has the quick release system. The clasp is kinda big, so it's down to personal preference. Here's a couple of pics
  6. Newly arrived Sea-gull Grande calendar! Love the watch
  7. Morning all! With my Seiko Presage today, which is my favourite of the box
  8. Today I'm again with my Guanqin, but I changed the strap with a brown one, which I think is better than the original.
  9. A bit late to the party, but hey.. with my Guanqin today.
  10. In case you're a Seiko enthusiast, amj watches is doing a sale with a some nice offers, including a Seiko premier open heart I'm very tempted to buy.. https://amjwatches.co.uk/seiko-sale.html
  11. Used to live in glasgow. Have a few shots..
  12. I have few bird pictures, but this is probably the best I shot!
  13. Fancied my citizen eco drive this morning
  14. I'll give my two cents. I am a software developer and I spend most of my days on this! Honestly the new microsoft edge isn't bad at all. I would give him a chance! Both Firefox and Chrome are decent browser, but they will require quite a bit of RAM. If you have memory issues consider using Maxton. Personally I use a modified version of chrome that works perfectly: UR. A bit less of RAM usage and all Chrome's feature work fine. Recently bought a new computer with a lot of memory and fast disk, so back to Firefox which is my preferred browser.
  15. On my Seiko presage this morning
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