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  1. Hello everyone, Does anyone have information on the history of the Clockmaker’s Company? I’ve done research but have not cleared up my following misunderstanding. Did the company only institute laws that protected watchmakers or did all London watchmakers have to, or did just some, belong to the company? Did the company rule over or have influence over any other English cities? If the company hired or conferred membership upon certain watchmakers, do their timepieces have certain identifying marks? Thanks in advance, Nick
  2. Hello everyone, I don’t have the watch right now so I’m sorry I can’t provide any photos now, but the case I have is a verge outer case from about 1800 Birmingham and sterling marked outer dimensions approx. 56mm wide. It has the button on the side for pushing the spring steel clasp (the clasp is riveted into the case with a tiny silver rivet) in order to free up and open the hinged case rim but in the last three days it doesn’t snap shut anymore. I looked closely and opposite the button and clasp and in the open rim of the case there is a small silver rivet also but no spring steel or other metal piece there being held by the rivet. Did I lose a metal piece that was formerly held by the rivet on the hinged rim opposite the spring release button in the cradle of the case that the spring steel piece with the button clasps into when shutting the case? Thanks a lot in advance.
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