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  1. Baltic is my number 1. I see them as not being a microbrand one day as they make all the right moves. I also really like NTH. I've owned 3 and they make a great product.
  2. I had to re-read that a couple of times in order to determine the relationship between you and your previous boss's wife....
  3. It's bright and sunny so in the mood for the Squale 1521
  4. Excellent spot as i actually bought my Dad that G-Shock serveral years ago. I keep looking at Tissot Tour de France special editions but they seem to hold on to their price, excluding a cheeky bargain.
  5. Heuer Autavia Calibre 02 This guy is probably the current 2021 wrist time champion.
  6. https://www.christopherward.com/sport-new/c63-sealander-gmt/C63-39AGM3-S00W0-VC.html Kapow!
  7. It is indeed. I've bought 2 watches from them and received 15%ish percent reductions through price matching with competitors so there's clearly margin they're willing to chop to make a sale.
  8. Going old school today (from a collection perspective) Citizen Eco-Drive Paradex
  9. Absolutely fine. I've owned a few Pagani Designs in my time and only ever had an issue once with a bezel, for which they sent a replacement.
  10. Late entry from me today but I was out cycling the Surrey Hills Classic. This guy was soaking up the rain and crap being flick up off the road like a champion PG Daytona
  11. Roll on the weekend. Its great that has more meaning now. Tudor Black Bay GMT
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