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  1. Jay is stateside right? Since he puts in some early AM UK time posts I assumed it was West Coast. According to his profile, he was online 15hrs ago so the poor guy is probably still at work.
  2. It only really matters to me from a resell perspective. If its a keeper, it doesn't matter (although I keep them anyway).
  3. The old 'take a photo 10 hours ago and forget to post it' special Rolex OP 36
  4. It's an e-commerce platform, like Amazon. www.etsy.com
  5. Speedy on a Tuesday (by accident actually) Omega Speedmaster Reduced
  6. Late entry but that's Mondays for you. Christopher Ward C60 Trident Ombre
  7. On the lower rungs of the luxury ladder but firmly on it, nonetheless.
  8. Box and papers? Ironically, it would probably fit in what the Moonwatch comes in anyway.....
  9. Well done in the acquisition. I'm on the waitlist for that guy and the more time that passes, the longer the ETA seems to grow (I think that says more about how important I am to my AD but hey-ho). All mine spend most of the time face up due to living in my watch boxes but I can't imagine that: a) it really matters b) you'd find consistent data to support what's best after normalising daily usage, servicing, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure yada yada yada
  10. Completely reasonable and appreciated. I'm getting the sense that something unfortunate may have happened on this forum in the last week and we all have a duty to help to protect these shores.
  11. Keeping that summer racing vibe going for today's GP Christopher Ward C65 Chronograph
  12. At Silverstone for the sprint Had to be this guy - Heuer Autavia Calibre 02. Practice has just kicked off
  13. Not for me as I'd get too hot. Watch box is by the bed aswell so it's the last thing I do.
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