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  1. I more so meant presence on a personal level as much as what others may think. If I wear my top end stuff home alone, I still get a lift from it. If that's unlikely to be an influencing factor, the GS all day.
  2. I think the challenge is that GS is fast becoming the enthusiast's Rolex. However if your mate is not a watch guy, only Rolex is going to have the presence they're looking for.
  3. Redbar Southeast held it's last event via Zoom last night. About 20 participants in all and some good chat about watches with like minded folk. Also Sam who if often on Scottish Watches and Nicholas Bowman-Scargill (CEO of Fears Watches) also attended which was fun. Prizes as well (which i didn't win). I enjoyed it and will look forward to future events. Despite some reservations shared about, it was effectively a live version of this forum with a couple of beers
  4. Happy Monday! Just realised posting this, I've set it an hour behind! Squale 30 ATMOS 1545
  5. Riding out a dull Sunday with this cool guy Seiko SPB143
  6. This guy, making the best of endless grey skies: CW C65 Trident Chrono.
  7. Baltic Aquascaphe GMT looking pretty
  8. Snap! I picked this guy up in January too. In addition, I've also got these three but no plans to add anything for the foreseeable:
  9. Without a sense of occasion, selecting the watch of the day in the last year has mainly been a whim. I've liked however how some fall into favour for no particular reason. Currently this one is one of those and it's getting more wrist time than usual: CW C60 Trident Ombre
  10. Just been out for a sub-zero bike ride. I can't feel my toes but at least the Casioak soaked it up.
  11. I guess you'd need to be a pretty powerful retail brand to have a sale or return arrangement?
  12. Took this hours ago but Flickr had a wobble: Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Calibre 02
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