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  1. I'll throw a vote in for Christopher Ward. IMO, these are low level luxury watches in the mid-ish range of the affordable watches price scale.
  2. Snow hath arrived south of the wall. Tried to take a in situ shot but the crystal reflection was winding me up so here we go: Christopher Ward C60 Trident Ombre
  3. The SPB bracelets are a world apart from what I've experienced below that tier. Never had an SKX but had the SRP Prospex Pepsi which was a great watch but naff bracelet. The SPB bracelets are well made, very comfortable with a fine clasp. Solid springbars too. I'd put them not too far behind a tudor bracelet (except the clasp maybe) although that's a 3X watch.
  4. A £1000 budget will pretty much get you a top of the range diver beyond physical means whether it be Japanese or Swiss made (unless you're a commercial saturation diver).
  5. Wonderful write up - many thanks. I've come to know Cameron Weiss through being a listener of the Watch and Listen podcast (which seems to have met its end) and Cameron certainly seems to have honed his craft with the best and puts all that into his product.
  6. If you removed any branding and asked me to name that watch, irrespective of the bezel and based on the colours on the subdials and their overlap - i'd absolutely say it's an El Primero. I think they both look great and the bezel compliments them both. I would personally go for one of these easily. My future preference is unlikely to be for a modern Daytona as I don't like ring style sub dials.
  7. We're here seeking forgiveness, not permission....
  8. I'm inclined to agree on the basis that I think the mark-up is too strong here. The designs are good and the recycled hose and crown is a nice touch. The price point however just doesn't make sence to me vs. other offers at this range (Baltic/NTH/Squale/Christopher Ward etc etc)
  9. Running our the new boy: Heuer Autavia Calibre 02 CBE2110
  10. I'm not too sure about this approach. You can't magic heritage by saying the same thing in quick succession. I'd have rather have seen them position this behind Bulova, but time will tell (incidental pun....)
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