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  1. I think they look great and will age very well. 43mm though!... That's a lot of shield.
  2. I had both this and the 1545. Both wonderful but I had to move them on when I got something substantial in. Pleasingly, the 1545 went to a forum member so it still graces these halls.
  3. Squale make cracking watches and they look fantastic. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  4. Nice light during the drive, this morning. Heuer Autavia JH Calibre 02.
  5. Meetings today Ball Trainmaster Pulsemeter
  6. Wow - that is a watch, and when seen in the metal, the textures of these dials is mesmerising
  7. Continuing my fixed bezel weekend Rolex OP 36
  8. Haven't worn this in a while as the OP has squeezed it out, but this sure is a pretty watch Ball Engineer III Ohio
  9. First Redbar London meet last night since lockdown and therefore my first attendance of that kind (went to a Redbar boutique event a couple of weeks ago). Lots of other newbies there too. It was a standard meet (in a pub) so drinks, endless watch chat and the opportunity to play with some extraordinary watches. One of the guys had bought the A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Annual Calendar that afternoon and let me try it on - what a beautiful piece! Also hand a ALS One in hand for the first time. I also tried on a Speedy Pro which was really useful as I always thought it would be too big for me and actually, on a strap its fine. Food for thought given I haven't really clicked with my Speedy Reduced in the year I've had it. My Oris Upcycle was a bit of a star due to its novelty and newness as a release. It was nice to hear a guy ask to see it and try it one, thrusting a £40k watch in my hand as he did so.
  10. There's a good Watch Finder video about these - they look well put together.
  11. London bound, which also coincides with a Redbar event this evening. Going to show this interesting guy around. Oris Aquis Upcycle
  12. Seamaster every day and then twice on Sunday..... Man, the Black version is so cool, i'm beginning to think I need it in multiple colours...... Well done on the move with the collection. I'm in awe as it's not something I could ever do.
  13. I love it when these articles pop up in the feed. Fantastic valuable reading! Many thanks @Always"watching"
  14. Happy drizzly Tuesday Tudor BB GMT
  15. Welcome and G'day, which is Spanish, for Tomorrow.
  16. I think that looks lovely on the bracelet. The thin bezel insert gives it a attractive understated look.
  17. That looks great on a BoR bracelet. CW's light catcher case is pretty versatile. New guy keeping the weekend rolling Oris Aquis Upcycle
  18. I love GMTs which should be design, fill the spots but I'll instead choose only 2 pieces that I want to give a bit of extended wrist time to. I appreciate the opportunity to wear something a couple of days in a row which I normally never do. I'm going abroad for a week, next month and will take 3 pieces. I've filled one spot but not sure on the other 2 yet.
  19. I love a Seamaster but I'm not getting this at all. It looks like it's been 3D printed to me Excellent write up though so many thanks!
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