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  1. Squale 1521 for an otherwise colourless day...
  2. May be a slight spike in demand (and run off) driven by Christmas as I only got mine at the end of Sept.
  3. It does for fleabay. When I bought mine, I saw plenty at around £1500 with box and papers.
  4. What @WRENCH said. Aviator all day...
  5. Jeez.. This is the 3rd forum domestic I've seen kick off today. Are we all feeling a little bit of cabin fever
  6. I absolutely agree that you should go and try the pro on first. But if it's too big, I have an '98 Reduced which I bought on ebay last year without papers and it's been as good as gold. No idea when it was last serviced so I'll get one in at some point but <10s on the Timegrapher so no conserns at this point.
  7. I think this year will still be stronger than 2019 for the average enthusiast as many are still at home, glued to their phones. Maybe a quiet January as many have resolved to have a slower year and their fragile willpower is yet to crumble? (mine lasted 4 days and I'm 2 up already....)
  8. GMT function not required... Tudor Black Bay GMT
  9. Absolutely not. Some of my valuable watches certainly could be classed as having a fairly stable value but I would not consider them as an investment when I'm wearing them and risking banging them around. Also for me the values are relative anyway as if I ever sell a watch, I use the money to buy other watches.
  10. Not so sure. Dubious history there. I heard a story once from the '80s when such a weapon was dumped on the ground by someone involved in a chase on the streets of Manchester.......don't need that kind of association.
  11. You're very welcome indeed and your post yesterday had me back on the Ball website in a flash!
  12. Giving this new guy its first run out today: G-Shock GA-2000 A bit shocking on my part given it arrived last Friday.....
  13. The handling of the Boxster is fantastic and the Cayman is even a shade IMO better but I don't know if its better than getting the lid down given the chance! My next one will be a convertible but I'll be sticking with the back seat variety for a long while yet! (kids....)
  14. Last year was crazy for me in terms of inbound. I think the itchy trigger finger is made worse as we can't wear these things out or away so the overall experience is dulled.
  15. Well played. I very much appreciate the quality that Ball puts into their watches.
  16. It does have weights though so I can get those arms up to handle a 44mm (..... that's never going to happen)
  17. I have a Pelaton and a Tacx Neo (compable to Zwift) and they are very different machines. Pelaton is fantastic device and whilst being great for fitness, it's actually improved my uphill cycling due to the power output it keeps you at I was trying to read the Colin O'Connor quote about wasting money but I was too distracted by the archaic yet expensive time telling device on my wrist which was grabbing my attention..
  18. Baltic Aquascaphe GMT Double domed crystal doesn't miss a reflection given the chance.
  19. Great so see this. I bought (and still have) the first version of this in 2010.
  20. My approach is a good watch box so I can enjoy displaying them and adequate insurance. I'm considering getting a safe for the attic to store the heavier pieces during future holidays but that's hardly a short term pressure right now.
  21. Rolling with this big guy today: Squale 30 ATMOS 1545
  22. That is fantastic! Congratulations
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