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  1. I love this watch. It's always a treat to see it pop up on WOTD Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00 However I had an absolute left/right moment this morning and set it for 3 rather than 9? Nearly there.....
  2. I quite like it as watch mags go. I think Wei Koh is a good writer even if he is a bit full on when it comes to video - I find it entertaining rather than annoying.
  3. A day of video calls so watching a glorious day through a window. NTH Amphion
  4. Christopher Ward C65 Chronograph
  5. With this beautiful weather set to continue, I've put this on it's blue tropic variant in order to give it more time on the summer roster: Baltic Aquascaphe
  6. Welcome to the noise Thrudge!
  7. In Baltic's case, the design and execution has enough cache to overcome the movement. I also don't have an issue with Miyota's in affordable's anyway below £600 I'd say the same is also true of NTH for exactly the same reasons as above.
  8. I'm a big fan and owner of divers and I think this is a fine design but I'm afraid to say as soon as I saw it, I instantly thought of this: https://eu.aboutvintage.com/products/1926-atsea-steel-black-3 About Vintage are going heavy into the marketing currently. Granted this example is a quartz but most of their stable are autos with slightly more distinctive designs. I also thing Lorier have his this look and feel albeit with distinctive hands. What makes me jump into purchasing are unique aesthetics. My more recent affordable purchases are Baltic and the pastel Blue Richard LeGrand IV as they showed me things I hadn't seen before.
  9. I like it, the dial is unusual but the bezel is fantastic. Is this the watch the were discussing on TGN this week? I wasn't paying attention but I remember they mentioned a watch where you can choose the crown position.
  10. Based on the above and my opinion also, you have 10 kopecks against.
  11. Happy to show you my {insert Brand name related joke here} Ball Engineer III Ohio. Whilst on the subject of......the brand, there's been some chat on here recently regarding Ball watches and @Roy looking for a model that would sit in the crosshairs {insert Ball and hair related jok.....nevermind} Ball's marketing yesterday sent out news of a new compressor style watch which is soon to be released which I think looks great: https://shop.ballwatch.ch/en/emiidivercosc I tend not to like compressor cases as they're too deep for me but this one is only 13.5mm.
  12. Thought you might be in the mood for something miniature like an Ediface.... Thought you might be in the mood for something miniature like an Ediface....
  13. Thanks to @robden for a fast and simple sales process, offering a new home within the forum to what was my G-Shock GA-2000. Wear in good health! Cheers Rob! Ant.
  14. (44mm quartz watch spies @Davey P) "Hold my beer......"
  15. Bark and Jack are great quality and well finished but £25 for a nato may raise eyebrows.
  16. The sun continues to shine so I fancied something on a nato today: NTH Amphion
  17. Do you want to take a punt by buying now and forget it for 10 years hoping it will be worth 1000X by then.
  18. Lip have been around for a very long time and have an interesting history.
  19. The hiker comment made me laugh. Why lie about previous claims? The truth will out...clearly.
  20. I needed to go into town and threw on a dark blue polo shirt and red shorts. I realised at that point that continuing to wear the Tudor BB GMt would be ridiculous so in keeping in the GMT mood, threw this on: Baltic Aquascaphe GMT
  21. Indeed, this was fixed from the 2019's onwards. Still, my BB 58 is on it's way back to Switzerland for a warranty fix so things happen and the extension is welcome move.
  22. ...panicing about date window issues.....
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